Stuck account after delegation

Since the beginning of the year, I tried to delegate funds to a baker, after a month waiting I have not seen any move from that baker, I tried to move the funds to another account, however every time I try to do that, the network charges fees but do not move the funds, for which I had found two different errors:


The other problem is the following, I delegated the funds directly from the “tz1” address instead of “kt1”, I did it because of my lack of deep understanding of the tezos protocol as well as the wallet allowed me to do it. The second trouble I find is that I am using a Trezor to store the private keys, along the “simple staking” wallet (which is the suggested front end from Trezor).

This is the address I am using:


Initially I delegated to:

But when I started to have issues, I used the simple staking wallet to “self delegate” with the aim of “withdraw” the delegation and see if it allowed me to move the funds, which did not work, as you can see in the explorer:

All of them with a “red” color overlay, signaling a problem with the operation.

Of course, I had tried other wallets that are compatible with Trezor:

  • Tezbox: When I try to send funds, it complains with a “Forge validation error - Local and remote bytes don’t match”
  • Magnumwallet: it shows that the account has 0 balance and no actions can be performed.
  • tezos-client: does not support trezor
  • Galleon: does not support trezor

Hopefully someone has the expertise to guide me through this problem.

Thanks in advance,

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I suffer a similar situation.

I want to withdraw the delegated tezzies from the KT1… but have zero balance on the implicit tz1… account.
When I try to send tezzies to the tz1… account I get the following error:

I don’t understand what contract cannot pay the storage fee. Is it the sending, or receiving contract?

In short:
It seems like I’m in a situation where I need to put some tezzies on the tz1… account in order to withdraw from the delegating KT1… account but I fail to send to the tz1… account.

Any advice?

My problem is solved. I tried to send tezzies to the tz1… account from a hardware wallet, and that didn’t work. But, sending from an exchange worked fine, and with a non-zero balance on the tz1… account, I could withdraw the tezzies from the KT1… account.

Restore via web and change node setting works for me

Have you been able to solve this problem? I have exactly the same problem, in all respects. I’m using the Simplestaking wallet and Trezor.