Some Steam under the Hood


There is currently much excitement about the alleged misbehaviour of one of the board members, but:

What I am much more concerned about are the general shortcomings of the foundation overall.

This institution was given a lot of money to nourish the development of the technology and ecosystem around Tezos.
After several months I am not aware of even the most basic gardening activity.

My work experience is this:

I communicate with other colleagues via an obscure channel on IRC, using last century UX that floods my perception with sparse information among logon/logoff messages. I browse in log archives to find useful information.

Sometimes I write a mail to the friendly and helpful developers, asking for support. They helped a lot, but reportedly they are under a workload that prohibits the continuation of such support.

There is no wiki to share and add to the community knowledge. There are no support procedures in place, and also none to actually propose fundable projects. No communication.

The whole fabric is held together by a few individuals in the field, heroically investing their own time and resources. The foundation’s voice or impact is thin. Thin to the point of non-existence.

My company has boarded the train long before the fundraiser. We have invested in a proposal for a visual Michelson IDE, backed by a working prototype, videos, concepts and plans. When it was rejected via the same informal but at least receiving channels it was proposed on, two months of work went down the drain.
This did not leave me untouched, I must admit, I was quite convinced of the product. It would be a little sweeter, if I could see at least better proposals being funded. Are there any?

Nevertheless, we kept the upper lip stiff, and I am currently working on a fancy wallet, that I am certain will please you. I do enjoy the work very much, but I anticipate the happy times coming to an end soon.

To run an operational business like ours simply eats resources. And we have depleted ours to the point where we are preparing to unboard the train, because we see no opportunity in Tezosland to refill the treasure chest for the times immediately ahead.

I would appreciate seeing the foundation to actually become a part of the project. An enabling part.

Have a nice evening!

Andreas Hassmann.


I also taken by the lack of no thought Tezos I helped in server cage deploy in my home Singapore now I instructed to help find new project to take Tezos space.

They no care and investors no care same only money, it is as you say non-existence.

We find security error which report on they say it is to early in development only no courtesy given. Never seen such disrespect before which is why I sign up for community I do not understand why now I do little more.

Big projects require care and thought must build solid foundation Tezos does not have.

Sorry Mr. Andreas Hassmann for your treatment, I add Tezos to karma list.


Thank you for your charming sympathy!

I have no reason to complain about treatment, really not.

On the opposite, I am a bit disgusted about the personal attacks here against the founders and developers who are actively pushing the project forward. The failure of the foundation to provide support presumably hits them as hard as us.

The impression one gets is that the foundation is occupied more with dividing the pie than actually baking it.
I am looking forward to them proving this to be untrue.

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I understand Mr. @hassmann it is reason I am on this community forum gain knowledge of community to answer our developers questions of why the condition of Tezos. We had much fun talking voting individuals and endorser distribution once costs of nodes are done. Much attack then received from community Tezos. All want pie before it is baked no one wants to plant and grow requirements for pie.


@e_v there is a lot of people who just heard about the Tezos ICO and wanted to make “quick bucks” as others ICO.
I personnaly invested in the ICO and prever to have a good product when network will be launch. As bitcoin revolution is not coming in one day.
Unfortunately haters are much more visible those days. But do not worry I am majority of people around here are not here to make money but believe in the mission that Tezos Foundation has choose to serve.

Hope this help you to be back on track :wink: