Silicon Valley Tezos Meetup!


Howdy all! Community Manager @Jonas here. I live in Palo Alto and would like to organize a Bay Area Tezos meetup in August. Who’s in? Send me a note with your Name, email, and location, and we will get something on the calendar that works for most.


Live in Saudi but will be in Newport Beach in August


I’m in SF - how do I send you my info?


I’m in Sacramento, and willing to lead a meetup there, but I’d be interested in coming to the meetup in August! I’ll message you.


I’d like to go. I’m in Arizona.


Just making sure everyone on this thread knows that we have a happy hour scheduled in San Francisco for next Thursday evening. {You can register here.](


Quick Update - we’ve had over 70 people sign up for the Tezos meetup / happy hour this Thursday. We’ve had to change venues to accomodate the increase. We are no longer meeting in The Mission. We are now close to Caltrain (4th and King) and the waterfront. Check your Eventbrite email for details!