Send me my bitcoin


00 Send me my bitcoin I need money


im curious as to why you would post this in the “fundraiser” forum, knowing full and well that we all donated.


There’s people out millions and you are worried about .02 - alrighty then. Maybe you should have read the bold words saying no donations under .1.


Unfortunately this is why the US has the SEC, ppl don’t read or take responsibility for their mistakes.


I am a student. I
do not have a computer at home.
tezos was my first experience and unfortunately this experience was bad for me.
0.1 bitcoin investments were not accepted.

That money can be small for many people here ```
But a big money for me
My btc adress: 17YtnX8EzV4Gs87PXU3tWydkWvpzuU3eSq



i feel sorry for you. we are all in the same boat though. i do believe it will launch though, just not right now. hopefully in Feb they launch as stated.


Thanks. I just want you to say that to me:
we will send you back the money.

my friend is under 0.05 of my investment amount 
and therefore they will not return the money.


I think this guy is under the impression that this forum is officially part of the Foundation. And that as such, it’s under the obligation or refunding his money…


I feel kind of stupid as I accidentally did this too. There is .0059 tied up that I wouldn’t mind getting back. It was after I already donated but you know, copy and paste. I’m willing to accept that it’s gone but for some reason I remember seeing something awhile back about how to get values under .1 back. I could be wrong but any info would be appreciated! Long live tezos!

Edit: perhaps a better question is will that .0059 be counted towards Tezzies?? That’d be just as good.