Selling tezzies at ICO price



I am selling up to 80,000 XTZ at ICO price (0.0002 BTC per XTZ) which is roughly a 30% discount over HitBTC IOUs at time of writing.

We can sign a contract and I can deposit a BTC amount to a multisig escrow to guarantee I will fulfill my part of the contract and transfer the tezzies once the network is live.


If you are asking someone to give you btc now you are wasting your time, nobody is going to do that. Tezos may not ever even launch.


I would like 1 tezos.
I can pay you in dash.
Ok I know that this sound funny to you, trying to sell 80000 and someone appears and asks just one.
But I am talking serious.
I want to buy one tezos, so if you want to give it to me, send me a private message.


If you would like to cut and run for XTZ now offer your sale price at a discount to the initial ICO price. If Tezor never launch at least you got some cash back / reduce your loss. If Tezor do launch, well that is the risk you take for cutting and running now. Your call.

BTC was approximately $2700 USD at time of ICO. x .000016 (accounting for the ICO 20% bonus 1 BTC = 6000 XTZ) = 2700/6000 = $0.45. You have to sell well below this price to pass the risk to me.


If you are not trolling, I am sorry but the amount is definitely too small to be considered. The process (mutual identity verification, contract signing, BTC deposit to multisig account…) is a heavy process and not worth it for this amount.


I am not trolling. I could give you the amount in dash, without any other procedurem mutual identity verification, multisig account e.t.c. At worst, you may steal 0.004 Dash from me. No big deal.

But if you are just not interested, I understand it. So thanks anyway.


I also got this so stupid selling like a begger. You promise be worth nothing like you have nothing .


Hi, I am interested in purchasing your tezos.


Most likely Bitcoin will hit 20.000 USD by the end of February. it makes almost impossible for Tezos to return money invested in ICO for their investors.

Moreover, I do not like Artur’s behavior at all. He wrote one silly post and has disappeared. He better be publishing new posts on daily basis in order to bring back investors trust. Instead, he is hiding like a teenager behind somebody else back and create even more fear and uncertainty.

I do not know what else might happen in order to make all these people sober. Many still believe in Tezos and feel no worry. They still believe in Tim Draper. Poor investors


There is more Tezos news on Reddit

Also, Arthur is now doing weekly video updates. I feel he has gotten the message about communication and is trying to improve.


He’s not hiding. He has been posting regular updates for the past 2 weeks already.


Do you sell the xtz?


Dude, with recent updates to the project, I doubt there is ANYONE out there considering selling their XTZ at ICO price! hehe


Sure :grinning:
And I’m an alien. I’ve parked my spaceship in front of my doors. Don’t believe me?


Too bad that I haven’t got 16BTC :joy:


He said “when network is live”. This is only smart thing that he has said.