Selling Premarket


I was woundering what information and opinions people had on the matter of selling tezzies before the network launches? I am personally looking to do this, but I need information on how to do it safley and to make sure both the buyer and myself (the seller) are protected.


There are no safe methods for selling XTZ before the main net goes live.


What about HitBTC?
I’ve heard of people using that to exchange?
Have you heard anything about the saftey of that site?


HitBTC is a closed futures market that is selling a proxy token for XTZ. You can only buy and sell their tokens. You can not sell your XTZs there. I’m going to write up a post soon that explains why HitBTC futures are not an realistic proxy for XTZ when it trades.


Thanks for the information. I look forward to reading your post on the subject!


Let me know when xtz is running