Selling 60.000 Tezzies Contract (Unhappily)

Hi Guys…

I am selling my 60.000 Tezzies contract… if given a proper contract escrow and security for both parties to make a flawless transaction.

I do not want to (especially since we are so close to release) but the journey has been long already and I did not anticipate the lock on funds for such a long time.

Im willing to sell my Tezzies at 3 bucks per Tez … well knowing that il be 10 usd and more by launch … so better offers would be really apreciated. I have no choice unfortunately as I do need the money…

Please contact me over Skype: Steve25m if intrested…
Scammers dont waste your time… proper identification in case meeting and contract will all be obligatory to make a clean safe and Honest transaction.

Power to The tezos community,


Hi, I was unable to connect on Skype but I would like to talk.

You can reach me at