Security and Baking


So I’m ready to purchase a desktop computer for the purpose of baking, but there is all that talk of security, and DDOS and so on that makes me wonder - sounds not as easy as those bitcoin nodes where it seems you don’t need to do anything much.
I can’t wait to see the collection of additional details to take care of. I’ve heard of setting up VPN. The VPN seems necessary to fool attackers by using multiple IP addresses so that when it is your turn to bake, you are not being attacked.
I wonder if I had a linux VM in a cloud (digital ocean for example) instead would add some security.
I’m looking forward to reading detailed info on this about the different threats to be aware and what are the different methods to protect against each of them.


I think Mike from Obsidian Sys is writing some info on secure baking, you may find out more on slack (

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Hey Phil - we’ve been following along on the baker slack, and there are lots of Q&As going on there. Obsidian is releasing a Ledger Nano baking solution, but there remain lots of home baking security protocols that you need to take care of as you say. Some of us are launching delegation systems in the cloud, so that route is definitely feasible as well. Good luck!


Looking forward for more detailed information that I am sure will come.

Exciting time.


Is this slack group limited to


no it is open, but I think you need to get invited, just drop an email to Mike (michael.​reinhart@obsidian.​systems)

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