Second Suit Filed As Tezos Woes Continue


Why aren’t you spreading your fud around to tezos reddit, bitcointalk thread and the riot channel - why just here?
p.s., if you are convinced you have suffered a total loss why are you throwing your time away too? don’t give me any crap about helping others see the light, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference if you end up being correct and you know it.


I believe if more people become educated about a Tezos project, it is better for community.
Regarding other social networks, let me think about it.
I think it is a good idea actually


I think your fud may be helpful for people like me who want to pick up cheap tezos on launch from panic sellers, so I say go for it.


you don’t have to thank me because it will be cheap anyway.
I am not driving tezos price.
It was uncapped ICO if you know, therefore everybody who wanted it already bought it

Now, in order to make uncapped ICO success at Day 1 when the network is launched, we were supposed to have only positive news for Tezos. Instead, we had only negative ones.
So, I doubt that investors like me will make any money at all at Day 1.
But the sadness of moment is - if Day 1 won’t have a spike, then forget about it. You won’t see a spike during the year or two maybe.
It brings me to the idea that people like you, who did not invest initially will benefit somehow from Tezos launch, because you will buy low.
And this is simply not fair, People who made this project available won’t make any money on it.
But those who did not help Tezos project with their own money will benefit heavily


There, there, put in your binky and have a nice cry. When you get hold of yourself you can throw a tantrum then feel all better again. If you are going to be a decent fudder the first thing you need to do is grow some thicker skin. The people on Riot and Reddit aren’t nearly as nice as here.
Another top tip is you need a scrypt and you need to stick to it. You can’t say Tezos will never launch, then an hour later say when it launches the price will be really low. Contradicting yourself is your worst trait, it makes you look like you don’t actually know anything but rather are just grasping at straws.


That is funny.
Here on Tezos forum people start discussing some side projects like Cardano. They think Cardano is a good investment nad has a future.
By doing so they just confirm no interest in Tezos, and confirm Tezos as a lost-money project.
They start looking forward already.


Pretty weak but I guess it’s a start. Register on Reddit and create a new post with this observation.


@labeoTairovo Once again, you are making up shit and then basing your argument on it. Just because someone posted about Cardano doesn’t mean they think Tezos is “a lost-money project”.


This thread is going nowhere. I’m closing it.

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