Second Suit Filed As Tezos Woes Continue


Indeed, I never called Gavers non-intelligent. He is, so Arthur is intelligent as well. They both are smart and this is Gavers is helping Arthur to stay white and clean while taking all his critics on him.
Isn’t it a smart move? Of course, it is a smart move to save the project and save Artur’s ass.
That was my point. I never meant to say that Artur has selected the wrong person for this project. Otherwise, if you read my post carefully, you will see that in a business like this there is no place for random people.
I think Gavers was selected carefully, and there is nothing wrong between him and Artur is going on.
They just play the bad guy and the good guy respectively. But inside their team, everything is managed well.
They would never play this game, should Artur deliver his promises in time.

But something went wrong with Tezos project and this is why we see it all.
In fact, Artur never spent those three years for development as he said prior to ICO. That was the issue. He was hoping to get something done very quickly and he was in a rush, In fact, Tezos was the last ICO before official ICO ban in USA. This is why they went ICO in a rush without having a working model


First you say Arthur is a kid with no business sense then now you say he is a criminal mastermind who is using Gevers as a puppeet. Your contradictions show you haven’t a clue what’s really going on so why don’t you just shut up and watch like the rest of us rather than change your theories every week?


Arthur is a kid, this is true.
Kids happen to be sometimes intelligent.
But Kids have no clue in real business, this is why he probably hired Gevers.
My theory never changed - he is intelligent, but not organized. Means, he never was supposed to lead any project as a manager whatsoever. His only task is to develop a code. And so far he is not doing that task well.


Every community has a court jester, I believe we have found ours.


sometimes an entire community is wrong. Remember Steve Jobs? He was fired from his own company, because what he was saying did not please a community…


I can explain this. If you compare the task of Artur to the task of Satoshi, Satoshi went to the moon while Artur is planning to travel to another solar system.


Can I ask you which one Moon Or Mars?

We all have seen these pictures prior to ICO and now they look funny.
Not sure if we would ever get there.
Basically, we still trying to start Tezos engine, but we were supposed to explore the open space already by that time


@labeoTairovo You’re just like my ex-wife except WE still have to deal you!

Basically she/X would make up some stupid false fact and then base her entire argument on it. Most of the crap you spew on this forum is just that. LOL!


who knows, maybe your ex-wife was not a bad woman. Chances are she was a nice woman. Who knows. We don’t know that… Maybe something wrong was with you… chances are


Not sure what you want from others here Iabeo. Are you looking for hope? confirmation of your fears? somebody to virtually hold you while you cry? whatever it is, you aren’t going to find it because we aren’t going to coddle a child. Wait and watch and see what will transpire like the rest of us. Grow the fuck up.


@labeoTairovo I said you are like my ex-wife and explained what that was. For example, I never said she was a bad woman and you assumed that was a fact and then kept typing… labeTairovo=my ex-wife


I am trying to see here more realists, this is all what I am trying to do
Not optimists


No, misery loves company and you aren’t going to find it here. Go be miserable someplace else.


There’s no point in responding to (probably) paid troll labeoTairovo, there’s no hope for him/her. But I agree, it would be nice if they would kindly gtfo of this forum.


You are correct, absolutely though i do not think that he went to the moon but the “ionosphere” haha


Unless and i repeat, unless Arthur and team FAILS to deliver, which is unlikely, if bitcoin becomes $100k whichever year it will attend to that height, and Tezos is just $200 same time, contributors will have more values for their time and money in tezos!!

NOTE that this 1 bitcoin must have been kept or hodled since 2009 till the date of its attaining $100k for it to be truly worth $100k else your true value is the difference between current price and worth of your money on purchase date.
Correct me if am wrong.

Purchase $6000
If it gets to $100,000 (2019)
Added Value: $94,000

1 btc equivalent Contributed = 6000xtz
If it Worths $200 (when btc is $100,000)
Value Added ($200 x 6000) - $2500 =$1,197,500

If it Worths $50 (when btc is $100,000)
Value Added ($50 x 6000) - $2500 =$297,500

(At what point will the donations become worthless? Ans: Failure to launch with promised features or launched but inefficient or hacked or useless)

Let these town criers visit reddit:

SOMEONE WANNA Buy their tezos at $0.80, very nice offer!!

I am Optimistic cos that is my only option - ASAP


Your thinking is way off. If you spent $2500 on 1 btc than spent that on tezos and that became worth $1,197,500, just think what $2500 spent on bitcoin in 2009 would do. Why would you compare spending $2500 and spending a dime for one btc? compare what the same fiat bought in both scenarios.
But you are right of course, Tez has much better potential for profit than btc, thats why people risk buying new altcoins - their mkt caps are so much lower at your buy in than options of current coins.


My calculations are based on two years projection, the guy who couldnt hodle btc sold 10,000btc for one pizza meaning that at that time btc seems so worthless! Tezos contributors are rejecting offers to sell off their stakes at $0.80 under agreement and this is within 6months of Tezos ICO. So compare the value of both within same time. What was the value of btc within 6 months after its launch?

Tell me please.

Now it has lasted close to 9 YEARS!!! So many who invested in it are dead before seeing any value for their investment, consider that also!

If Tezos will stay 9 years prior to being valuable, then its worthless in terms of monetary value, i will join the town criers to regret my little contribution.

Where are we?


Nobody is going to accept any offer to sell tezos because trading is impractical. It will require the same amount value in btc held with escrow as collateral until the buyer gets his xtz.
I’m not even understanding what you are talking about or what your point is, so I think I will just move on - have a good one.


I am not saying anything bad about anybody on this forum including Artur. I am just saying a true.
This is why no one is going to delete my profile man. People need to know true and people like to know true.

More time goes by, and less news coming from Tezos - than more and more people will read my posts.
It is easy.

PS: and I am not paid by anyone. I am just dreaming to sell all these shitcoins called tezos on day 1. that’s it. But this day is not coming