Second Suit Filed As Tezos Woes Continue


yes, the troll has contributed much more than you did by not being a troll. If you want I can show here my Tezos contribution if you agree to show yours. And starting from that point we will be very clear who is the troll here. Let me know


Do not regret. Keep you faith. And try to help the community to escape this storm.
You cannot do otherwise. You have invested on it.

I am here although I have invest nothing. But I believe in what Artur promised to us.
I dont think he is a scamer. I dont think he does not want to deliver what he promised.
Maybe he needs the help of all of us.
In every crypto, the strongest power is the community.


If you read my previous posts carefully, I was explaining that Bitcoin price will reach 25-30k range by the time Tezos launched their network. 1 Tezos cost 35 cent during the ICO, while Bitcoin was something like $2500. Assuming BTC will grow 10x, Tezos should grow 10x as well at Day 1 just to justify your investment. And this is very unlikely

If you don’t believe that Bitcoin will be at 25k by that time, I am not surprised. I promise I will return back to this post as soon as BTC will reach 25 k and remind you of it. Will be funny to hear your excuses. You are not going to be that brave then


he has received a tremendous help already from us. Isn’t he? He has got 232mln dollars from all of us. Unfortunately, this is all that we can do for him. We can’t be babysitters for Arturs and encourage him to develop a network faster.
As I told in one of my previous posts, Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in a matter of months, not years.
And he did not have any community around him. Just him and two other developers.
For reference see here
And Artur claimed himself working on Tezos project 3 years prior to ICO.
Moreover, Satoshi did not have all these money 232mln dollars. And he did deliver the best network ever,
In fact, 232 mln from ICO turned into 500 mln already, so by having half of the billion dollars this teenager can’t make it work .
He should have hired best developers ever and work closely together to launch the network.
Instead, we still see his regular and stupid updates about code development.
But he is not saying how many people are working on the project, what are their time horizons.
This is stupid - to have half of the billion in dollars and not being able to do anything.
Shame on him


@labeoTairovo Please stop venting your frustrations here. You are stressing everyone else on this forum. The majority of us are in Tezos long term and you will never change our minds and we don’t care if you are eventually vindicated. Respectfully, please vent somewhere else and I hope you find what you seek.


Thats a really nice way of saying “fuck off”, and I concur.


I mean psychological help. Having half billion dollars and two lawsuits on his head, this is heavy for every person.

Let us support Artur , let us not blame him. As long as you have invested on him, this is one of the two possible roads.The other road is the lawsuit.

What do you chose @labeoTairovo? Is there anoher road that I forgot?


The fact of the matter is things look bad, and the only choice we have is to hope they get better. The worst thing we can do is dwell on the problem and cry like babies about it. Crypto is extremely high risk high rewards, if we all suffer a total loss then welcome to the high risk part of the equation. Why don’t we just focus on developments and stop the focus on how terrible things look.


To be frank with you am tired of trying to let you know that I didnt invest in tezos in order to do an INVESTMENT contest with a crying multi-millionaire @labeoTairovo and such like you! I was trying to convince you that a two months delay in software development isn’t so much a loss to cry about.

You are being recalcitrant cos BTC mooned, would you have accepted a review of your token size if BTC dipped to two years low? Your attitude showed that you are an infant, non-risk-taker!

Your crying makes me sick and causes more distress than the two class actions! If you cannot hold your peace and pray for the success of your MONEY instead destroy it more further with your inept and libelous curses on the couple, please initiate your own class action and let me rest. Win it and claim BTC equivalent damages and rest please.

How does this statement mean “YOU?” If you accept that it points to you, so be it!

Finally, if BTC rises to Mars $25k i dont care and if it dips to bottomless pit, i dont care, for this forum, what i care about is TEZOS, when we meet at bitcoin forum we talk about bitcoin.

I encourage Arthur and group to prove themselves worthy of great trust vested in them for which we are earning these stress and whether btc rise to heavens, Tezos will add more value to me in long term except if they fails! I have what i invested in tezos also in bitcoin and i will watch the two, see you in the future…Tezos ROCKS!


hey idiot fuck you off too, I was polite to you but my patience is limited. If you are a stupid idiot and don’t know any other words, then who cares - fck you off


We are all sick of your constant negativity. You have added nothing that everyone else hasn’t thought of, all you do is repeat doom and gloom. Fuck off to another coin is all I’m suggesting, this site would be better off for sure.


This is what makes us different. I care too much about BTC rising through the roof. And you don’t.
That means you care about Tezos project more than you care about your own money, and this is silly.

You’ve been earning your money hard, paying taxes , etc. And this brave boy Artur did nothing - just fooled everyone around. he did not work hard to get any of those dollars. He did not pay any single cent as a tax.
And he has stolen all fork coins from Tezos holders.

Why nobody is asking about their lost forked coins? It is a huge about of money now.

And after all you saying - I don’t care about my money - I do care about the Tezos project… ha-ha very funny

In the end of the day every single investor has invested because of money, not the project. There are thousands of better projects around to invest in, but nobody knows about them because they weren’t advertised as Tezos.
There are a lot of brilliant engineers who are better than Artur but they don’t have Tim Draper on their side, and so they are struggling to get money in.
This is true, Artur is an average software engineer, He is not a genius as some of you thought. he may need to hire better people than he is. But so far, he hasn’t reported anyone hired for his team.
Artur is a worst manager ever. He should not have touched any management work. He did not have any experience in it, and he still do not have now.


And that is true. I am still repeating my arguments because no one can refute them.

  1. No one can explain why Satoshi Nakamoto has developed Bitcoin in terms of months, not years while our brave boy Artur has claimed himself working three years on the project prior to ICO and still need more time

  2. No one can explain why 232mn raised on ICO ( 650mn today) cannot be used to hire the best developers ever to speed up the project. Why Artur is still working alone?

  3. No one can explain why any single mainstream media in crypto space hasn’t posted so far anything good about Tezos. People open your eyes, there are real experts out there working in the crypto industry and they see nothing good in all these latest developments with Tezos. Don’t listen to these “smart” guys on this forum who knows nothing and asking not to touch Artur and let him work. Artur’s ass needs to be kicked on regular basis

  4. No one can explain to me how Satoshi has developed a Bitcoin with zero dollars in his hands. He did not ask anybody for money and he did deliver a network. Just think about it, maybe money isn’t what you need to develop a good project. maybe all that you need is a good team? The team which knows how to program and does code? Maybe our teenager Artur simply not one of those??

  5. Why haven’t we seen Tezos CEO Kathleen saying at least something about her company? She is hiding behind her husband’s back because she has nothing to say, despite that it was her only role in this project - to be a nice face of the Tezos.


Absolutely agree. As I said before big money spoiled them. They simply don’t know what to do with all these money.
They have raised 232 mn dollars, but only 50 mn are dedicated to supporting project itself, the rest 182mn they dedicated to buying stocks and bonds and even precious metals like Gold.

The source can be found here -

“Crowdfund Insider reports that Tezos is committing $50 million to venture capital investing, backing companies that are building on its platform. As for the rest of its cash, it’s investing it in “things like stocks, bonds and precious metals,” according to the report.”

Can you imagine that?
We gave them our money to develop a product, instead, they are buying Gold and stocks. How stupid is it?

I could have bought Gold and stocks myself, should I need it.

So yes, they simply don’t know what to do with all these money. They did not need that much at all


Finally some sober thoughts! Thank god, there are some sober people out there, who think realistically.
Yes, we simply missed Bitcoin Cash fork and Bitcoin Gold fork.
But Artut didn’t.
He took all these money for himself.
Frankly speaking, I think we are not going to see Tezos launch until all Bitcoin forks are finished.
We still have SegWit2x fork coming.
Artur is going to steal our SegWit2x forked coins as well.
You won’t see any of those because this little genius knows how to steal your money, he does not know how to give you something.
I am just wondering how greedy are they?


I don’t know why I’m still reading your posts, but Aurthur has basically received nothing - it is the foundation that is holding all funds and giving no updates. He is getting ass fucked with the rest of us by this Gevers scoundrel and his 2 minions, get your facts straight. I have no idea how or why these 3 came to be in charge of the funds, but unless you can provide facts that Arthur is in on an elaborate scam then you should stop calling him a thief.
Supposedly bitcoin suisse must sign off on all ico fund transactions and they say the funds are still there. This gives hope that Tezos will eventually launch and do well as the best funded ico in history. I don’t know exactly what will happen with the 3 on the foundation but this is far from over - no matter the fud you spew, it is not over yet.


The task of the foundation should be to ensure long-term (emphasis on long-term) growth of the Tezos network and ecosystem. Some guys here live in the short-term world and thats bad. In order to ensure long-term growth, the foundation has to diversify its assets which are highly volatile such as Bitcoin and Ether. Now here comes the thing: spending all this money right now wouldn’t help Tezos. On the contrary, it would be a waste of important resources Tezos needs in the long run. Hence this money has to be put somewhere. I am not fan of highly priced equities and bonds etc., but again: somewhere you have to put the money as you actually pay (meaning you lose) for holding it in cash (any major fiat currency). I hope this gives a clearer picture.


Dear drake, if you really believe that Arthur is getting nothing out of this, then you are perfectly scammed and just proved yourself immature.
Arthur is the one who created Tezos, and he is the most influent man in Tezos foundation, not some idiot named Gavers or whatever.
All these money came to Tezos foundation because of Arthur, not because of some strange Gavers.
Most of us wouldn’t ever know about his existence, should things go the right way.
His figure has appeared because Arthur needs to be ALWAYS a good guy. Thanks to Gavers, who has agreed to play a role of bad guy, Arthur still clear in most people eyes.

For people like you, it is enough to say that Gavers is guilty of everything that happened and you will believe that because you still want to see Tezos project launched and launched successfully.
If Gavers would not exist, then all blame will be put on Arthur, so this Gavers just taking all people’s angry at him saving Arthurs ass, otherwise, investors angriness would be stronger.

For people like me, who are more experienced and matured, stories like that are not working.
We simply don’t believe that some bad guy named Gavers has limited good guys like Arthur and company in some way in doing their job. They all are playing together, everyone has a special role. There no uncertainties when it comes to managing 0.65 bn dollars. Very soon our 232mn will turn into 1bn and they still be telling you their stories about some misunderstanding happening between Arthur and Tezos foundation.

People, please don’t be stupid, don’t picture a better future for Tezos, don’t picture Arthur as a good guy and Gavers as a bad guy. Gavers is not a bad guy. He is saving Artur’s ass from critics, otherwise Artur would not know what to say about his failure


First of all, crypto is not about long-term, it is a short-term game and Artur knew that therefore he announced himself working on Tezos project 3 years prior to ICO.
Otherwise, he could have done ICO much earlier, one or two years ago. But that did not happen because he knew - should he say I am going to launch my network in two-three years only, then no one would not invest. Therefore he said, that most of the work has been done already during those three years. So even Arthur understands that ICO is not about long-term. It is actually a short-term game.

There is a big difference between holding for a long-term in the successfully run project and investing long-term in unknown ICO.
I have nothing against people who are still holding Bitcoin, Ethereum , ect and not selling for years. That is OK.
But it is stupid to say let’s invest long-term in ICO with unknown future like Tezos.
This is why Arthur and his wife do not wish to be interviewed by any mainstream media. The first question would be about time horizons for their project. They just both hesitate to say it was a long-term investment.
Did you ever hear Arthur or his wife saying that Tezos was a long-term investment? Not of course.
They have hired somebody called Tim Draper to spread that FUD instead of them.
But who is Tim Draper? he was an investor like you and me. So he may say whatever he wants, don’t repeat his words.
He has zero relationships with Tezos project and Tezos foundation. ( at least officially he has no position in Tezos project, moreover, there are rumors like he has converted all his investments in Tezos project to fiat even before ICO - think about it, how perfectly you’ve been scammed )


You don’t know shit. Gevers has lots of videos on youtube going back to 2014, and he took in a fckton on Monetas. You thinking he just appeared during this Tezos ico totally shows your laziness in research.
Watch this video from 2014 - Gevers is a good speaker and appears intelligent, but there’s something sleazy about him I can’t put my finger on it.
Clearly, Gevers wasn’t some crypto nobody that Arthur found off the street to act the part of foundation lead so he could rip eveyone off. You are so fucking offbase it’s laughable.
I still say theres a decent chance this all works out, but I can tell you that your theory of the Breitmans coming up with a grand scam is really unlikely, and if you have an ounce of intelligence you will spend some time researching and thnking before you continue this theory again.