Running a Tezos node on the *alphanet* and the *zeronet* made super-simple (with RPI3)


@maxtez-raspbaker, thanks!
I used your advice and everything is working like a charm now!
A friend of my had a RPI3 B-modellen that we started off with, it booted instantly, from there we updated the fedora OS to aarch64. But after that it actually still didn’t boot on the RPI3 B+, due to power-source issue(the hardware was right) but after we updated the firmware it worked like a charm.
Don’t know whether that might be the finally push you needed for your guide to make it work properly on RPI3 B+ also, anyway just wanted to share :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for the quick reply.


@RunUpLandt this is fantastic news!

I just ordered a B+ since I don’t have one at the moment.
In the meantime I have a question. Did you make the first boot and then the upgrade including the firmware on a RPI3 B and then move the SD card on the B+, or you made the first boot and the upgrade directly on the B+?


@maxtez-raspbaker, i updated my firmware on the B-model, and when everything was ready i moved the SD card on to the B+ model. But i’ve actually decided to start over from scratch and are now following your guide as some of the “consolidated” steps didn’t seem to function properly for me (as i’m not a tech guy :D, but i want to show that if i’m able to do this, everyone can do it).


thanks for the update, well I am not a techie too, just trying to make it work…
I did the same as you with the B+, plugged in the sd card from a RPI3 B and it booted easily, but the ethernet port was broken and I had to return the B+ to the vendor, bad luck!
My understanding at the moment is that there is really no difference between B and B+ when it comes to make it running.

the installation on the RPI3 wiki page is more or less accurate(and constantly updated), just be aware that I am facing multiple problems getting tezos to run smoothly on the betanet with aarch64/armv8 OS, on the zeronet instead, it seems working fine, baking/endorsing are ok. I am going back to armv7 Fedora on one node right now (using the wiki instructions!) to see whether thinks are working a bit better. Never ending work in progress…
let me know how it goes with your setup…