Running a Tezos node made ultra-simple (with RPI3)


Anyone else unable to sudo or change the root password? “mrgevers” with and without the quotes is not working.

@maxtez-raspbaker any chance the root/admin/sudo password was changed in the latest image?


oh no, it is a curse, the guy doesn’t want to go away, can you login as a root, just typing su ?
the password hasn’t changed and should be without quotes: mrgevers
let me know if it doesn’t work, or if it does…


@maxtez-raspbaker ah, yes just typing su elevates me to root and from there I was able to run passwd to change it.



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In my github account I had a site and I was exposing the way the Dash masternode owners were voting. The dash agents have reported it, and they succed to delete my entire github account. They are probably the same agents who are attacking tezos too.

You did a great job @maxtez-raspbaker by keeping a backup of the Tezos wiki!
Thanks a lot!