Running a Tezos node made ultra-simple (with RPI3)


Quick question - is there a reason we can’t use wifi ? Thanks


mainly security, but if you want to try with the alphanet, this should enable the wifi:
sudo nmcli radio wifi on


Got it … Thanks @maxtez-raspbaker for putting together this awesome set of notes !!!


your welcome. Just be careful things with Tezos have been changed quite a bit since the release of the notes. I should revised them but I decided to wait until the zeronet, which is supposedly the final test before the real network for the real tezzies goes live…


Why dont you put your notes to a wiki, for anyone to be able to correct whatever has changed?


yes, that a very good idea, I just want to make sure that when the zeronet or mainet is launched, the Tezos sofware from the main node will work properly on RPI3.
But in the meantime anyone should feel free to take the notes, change/add whatever or make new ones and go ahead posting on wiki or elsewhere (there is absolutely no authorship).


how to launch zeronet?


the image file for RPI3 includes the “old” tezos program to run a node on the alphanet network. Zeronet is the more experimental network that is supported by the current Tezos program under development. If you want to run a node on the zeronet, at the moment you have to compile Tezos by yourself. The source code is available either on github (master node) or gitlab (zeronet version). For a regular PC you can follow the instructions here:

For RPI3 I just compiled and started running a node on the zeronet literally few hours ago…more info will follow…


I ll do it.
I am searching for a wiki now…
Maybe github is suitable…


that’s great, perhaps joining the tezoscommunity?:

either way github or wiki, you’ll have my support.


how can I join github tezos community?
Who is the owner? Can he/she add me?


ahah good question, not sure, in the manifesto it says “To become a member with editing rights please email any of the current admins or DM us on Riot.”. I see that fredcy has contributed, maybe he knows.


So @fredcy can you help?
I am demodun in github.