Riot Channel/TezosAgora


I watched the September Roundup and found out about the Riot Channel. I’m happy to find everyone. I also heard about tezosagora and followed the link but it didn’t work. So, is tezosagora ongoing. I can validate my tezos holdings if so.


Hey @cryptonaut - welcome. I’ve been able to access Tezos Agora using this URL:

If you can’t access, you can ask @erwan for help. I believe he is an admin there.


Hey Jonas, I’ll try that link. I want to tell you that my email and other username is gonecrypto, someone already took ‘cryptonaut’ in the riot channel. Anyway, thanks for getting back. I worry about mirror sites and selecting bad links.


Very nice in here (discord). I can tell this is something big. Keep up the great work Jonas, I’m enjoying your Tezos Today show.


They ask for your Public Key on that site to join, so they can see how many XTZ’s you have if they put in the Key. I’m a kind of a private so I will pass.


Never and I mean never submit anything to a site that does not run securely!

I deleted the random hashes, you can view them in history if you want but they will not work now.

I received a private message from @erwan expressing that is was not cool sharing those so I have edited this post.

My stance still stands, never submit anything on an insecure website. My reason for posting those hashes was to protect Tezos holders from having their public key grabbed. All @erwan had to do was secure his barrier page and this would have been avoided.

Free certs for all at letsencrypt.


Is Jonas responding here or is this site compromised in some way? Jonas, why are you passing along these links unsecured? I have no idea if the whole site isn’t mirrored.
I do have layers of protection with no indication of any malware. Thanks for the heads up Chainomatic.


Also, I never click on a link. Convenience has turned into traps.


Hey @cryptonaut I am here. Busy weekend with the kids :slight_smile: Of course use your best judgement. I am familiar with the team behind tezosagora and was comfortable with their particular login process.


I felt the same way, I trust the security of Tezos and trust they are focused on the best security for all as well.

Glad you were with your kids having a good time.


The only information used is (somewhat) already public if you know what I mean. The front-end to the Discord server doesn’t deal with any sensitive information (a public key hash) which is why I didn’t bother to pay for a cert. It’s just intended to filter out low-effort trolls and spammers. The whole thing is a proof-of-concept to assess interest for a larger project I’d like to roll out (foss p2p community platforms).


The public key hash isn’t associated with your username. It’s just stored in a set with other registered pkhs to prevent someone from registering more than once per pkh.


Tezos public key is associated with email provided for contribution at Tezos TGE, right? How else would you send the email link…


What you input on is your public key hash. It isn’t tied to the email address you used when contributing. You are then given an invitation link to a Discord server. To use Discord, you need to create an account. I don’t have access to that data. The only things I, and everyone else, can see are your username and profile picture.


Thanks for the clarification.


Hi Cryptonaut,
I heard you mention Tezos’ Riot channel. How can I join, pleas?


It’s channel. Riot is a client that you can use to connect to chat channels like #Tezos. You can launch Riot client here on your browser:


Hi guys ,

I would like to join the agora site , the problem if have is that i took past in the ICO through the Bitcoin Suisse method , i contacted them and they said to advise the agora guys that my XTZ address is not done yet but they should be able to give me access

anyone able to pass this on to the Agora site


@erwan Hi, the registration site appears to be down at the moment?