Putting your tezzies to work


Chainomatic, it’s a bit early to be so disparaging about your competition. There is plenty of room for many great ideas and innovative solutions. Competition will be good for the consumers. People will want different levels of service and will use different delegates. They will ultimately decide what they like and what service best matches their needs. As for my interview, it is a bit odd that you assume I was referring to you. I don’t even know you. I also know nearly nothing about your proposed service. When I did the interview your site was little more than white splash screen with the name of your site. I wish you the best and I’m sure your service will do just fine. Let’s please try to stay a bit more positive. We are all working hard to make Tezos a success. Kind Regards, -Mike (www.MyCryptoDelegate.com)


This is a damn interesting approach! I’m sure it would be an intriguing idea for many to have a container in Singapore, for example. I am eagerly waiting to hear more about this approach.


How I wish its possible for all holders to followup with your approach @Chainomatic.


@MikeMonohan “it’s a bit early to be so disparaging about your competition”

Am I being disparaging by saying that I want decentralization?

As for competition, I’m not offering delegation service, that is until/if Tezos consensus algorithm is amended, decoupling voting from staking.

No stakeholder should be mandated to give away their voting rights.

Signing up with a delegation node service should not mean giving up our right to vote, one may decide to do so, but it should not be mandated.

MikeMonohan “As for my interview, it is a bit odd that you assume I was referring to you.”

I stated according to another member here; they told me about it and when I listened I realized they could be right. But seeing your site now it appears that you too have become a couch surfer, offering gratis service for stake holders now.

Mike, even if you were directing it to a hypothetical service provider, my comment remains.

Delegation is not decentralization.

If a Tezos holder delegates they give up something that is so fundamental to the future success of Tezos that I’m staking my reputation on this.

Introduce Yourself!

Of course we all want and need decentralization.

The problem you bring up is a consequence of having 100% PoS as the Tezos blockchain securing mechanism, and other issues brought on in trying to secure the network. The only way to secure a majority POS network network is to have a large % of staking power out there.

But then the problem is most users are just not technical enough to stake and bake for themselves. NXT and NEM attempted to solve this with delegation/leasing. But it really wasnt enough, today, those networks could still use more staking power . Arthur’s novel solution is the non-dilutionary inflation that I believe will be the motivating force to make sure users keep overall network staking power fairly high. But again, since most users cannot handle the technicals, this opens up the need for delegation.

At this point, I dont fear we will fall to centralization. As best I can tell, the bond requirement that will eventually go in will prevent that, to a very large extent. At least thats how I see things - its obvious that Arthur has really considered things here. So overall, the system should leave the door open for a number of delegation pools to operate and decentralize.

I too wish to see delegation separated from the staking/baking. That would definitely be ideal.

Its great you appear willing to host a node for people. I did that same exact thing for NXT for a while. Some users will be technical enough to handle everything w/o any of us, and some will be tehcnical enough for your service. But I do believe that for some people, delegation will be their only choice.


I spent 30 minutes writing a great rebuttal, then I realized that perhaps you did not fully read our website because we specifically address your voting concerns in our “services” section. We will also be building out our FAQ with more detail soon.

Tezos is about democracy, freedom of choice, and giving financial control back to the people. It is NOT just for the tech savvy, digital elite, and computer literate who can and want to host nodes. A Taxi Driver who may care little about technology should have the same right to vote and grow wealth as tech gurus.

This person also has the right to delegate that vote to someone he/she trusts. Our goal at MyCryptoDelegate is to earn your trust. We also strive to give each Tezos owner their own personal vote even if current technology limitations make it difficult.

We will take on this difficult voting challenge because you deserve to have your voice heard.

I wish all Delegates the best in their future endeavor. Competition brings choice and choice is always good for the customer. MyCryptoDelegate will be pushing forward so we can give the best possible customer service on day 1. Every day after that we will strive to make it better than the day before.

Kind Regards,



Perhaps I have travel too far, seen too many things, privy to one too many drunken crypto confessions to shake the stench of representative democracy from my server laden hands.

They say pick, the crowd shouts back exclaiming perception matters more than reality.

In one swoop, representative democracy dies.

Tezos has the means to change that.


Why are you speaking like a politician? You are complicating my proposal.

Decouple voting from delegation.

Give people the option to vote on their own if they choose.
If they don’t choose so be it, but let them have their voice if they stake.

Tezos is the first crypto that I could even come to and put forth such a proposal.

Tezos is the amazing amendable on-chain cryptographic ledger.

Stop campaigning, please consider what my proposal would bring.

Give Tezos a chance.


Chainomatc, you are free to create whatever service you want using any method you choose. There is plenty of room for customer choice. I wish you the best of luck in your crypto endeavors.

Kind Regards,


I have received so many emails asking for a thorough write-up on this, I get it, it appears complicated but it is not!

Not finished but here you go:
The Tezos Stakeholder Dilemma


like I said, its great you are doing this, there will definitely be a segment for you to support.

and maybe its because (as you even claim) its still a work in progress, but this is a LOT of material to throw at most people. you may alienate people who would otherwise be receptive to working with you. I get what you are trying to do here, but I think you have your work cut out for you. yes, its complicated.


That is what my partners keep telling me, tone it down. I feel the opposite, we need to take this further.

@forkedchain thanks for getting it.


@ Chainomatic
Spot on


@Chainomatic who decides what to vote about?


even if this isnt done, i suppose its possible a delegate could cast each vote like each constituent desired. assuming its not an “all or nothing” type design.


Can I start my wallet staking at this time?

Also, my wallet doesn’t seem functional. I have not done anything since the distribution. Can you get me up to speed.


Please put that thought out of your mind, trust no one is by blockchain design.

Anyone can put forth their ideas.


Not yet ± November 29, 2017


What hardware would you advise to stake your wallet?


I use multiple encrypted USB drives that are stored in different locations and are air-gaped on a $35 raspberry pi.

If you look at most of those recommended crypto wallets like Trezor or Ledger, the first thing that jumps out is they have a screen:



Those screens are akin to air-gapping a computer.

You can do the same thing, only better, with a Raspberry Pi and your current monitor, just never go online and encrypt the USB drives and you are golden.

The key is to use a computer, like a Raspberry Pi, that never touches the Internet!

A con would need:

  1. Physical access to the offline computer, Raspberry Pi
  2. My USB drives
  3. Passphrase that encrypts the USB drives
  4. Passphrase that opens the encrypted files on the USB drives

Check out bitcoinarmory, specifically their cold storage information to get a good overview.


Encrypt all your important files not just your crypto wallets.