Public awareness of the project


Hi all!

Am I mistaken if I think that the project is almost not present in public?
I’m following many YouTube channels, and rarely somebody says something about Tezos - and if he or she does it’s almost always negative - old sins or current class actions. Similar treatment is this which press gives to the project.
Even a volume on the exchanges is miserable.

I think that this project deserves better treatment than this which currently has. It’s possible that an act of a community could help with suits against the project.



If you have patience, let your Tezzie ride.
The protocol is leading edge and may get a use case one of these days.
In the meanwhile you can bake additional XTZ.
If you are not a patient person, then sell because this coin is slowly going nowhere.


I really hope it will make an impact someday - but as I can see - a development is very slow. I agree that security of such serious project has high importance, still a better marketing is also important. It’s crucial to attract young perspective developers who’ll speed up the deployment, because there’s other projects too, projects with similar characteristic.
BTW - I haven’t got 10k XTZ, which doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to have them :frowning:
I wont sell amount I have right now (about 4k). Instead - I’ll buy the missing 6k at least (that is if they doesn’t already moon when I earn enough).


I really like the baking concept.
5.5 % annual dividend is better than most bonds.
And the opportunity for appreciation makes this a nice investment. However, like most dividend paying stocks, if the company is dead, then the stock should be sold. The dividend is of no value iif the XTZ price continues to go down.


I haven’t got straight answer to that… Let’s hope for a best. This is still very young field. I mean, all crypto assets.
XTZ isn’t security, at least not yet by many jurisdictions. In principle - TLS, software company which have created this coin (Arthur and Kathleen Breitman) could bankrupt and coin could thrive in a same time, if community continues to develop it. This is a main advantage of Cardano, Dash and similar project, which put aside money for this.
On the other hand - coin could stay on this same price or even fall deeper while DLS might be profitable. But I doubt it both - most probably a price action will be quite positive - but certainly not too soon. What I was talking about is a fact that nobody seems to care for public awareness. It seems like they think that quality of a project will be enough. With a good marketing a general public could embrace XTZ. Otherwise - even such coins like EOS could make more impact in society.