Protocal update ~Monday Nov 26


Mainnet new protocol (tag: 003_PsddFKi3) will replace the old one (002-PsYLVpVv) starting from block 204762.
See Tezos official note


Are we allowed to vote for this protocol update ?
Is the governance mechanism ready?
If yes, where can we see the votes and the governance decisions?


Hey @demo, it is more a patch to limit spam and some extra features for voting. The official note (link in the previous post) includes a good faq about it. As far as I know the first vote to test the governance mechanism will begin in Jan next year, more info/details will be posted before then.


I am waiting for January! :smile:


This may interest you


Do we have any news about the development of the Tezos amendment process?
Where these news are posted , officialy?


it is recent news that Nomadic Lab is preparing two amendment proposals:

how the amendment process work?

there is a forum discussing the two proposals on kialo