Problem spending or delegating my XTZ

I bought during the ICO, gone through the KYC/AML and done the activation. I did the restore account on Tezbox and can see the tokens under Manager 1 but somehow can’t spend or delegate. Keep showing errors "“This account has not been added to the blockchain yet - please wait for a baker to include this in a block before you can use this account. This error may also show if your device can’t connect to the Tezos Network.”

When I try to Add Contract, this error shows “There was an error adding account. Please ensure your main account has funds.”

When I try to spend to another Tz account, long error codes show up. It’s been few weeks but I can’t resolve it. Can anyone help?

Hello @hansgao. Has your issue been resolved yet ?

Hi Shaun,

Yes, thanks for checking.


Hans Gao

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hi, how did you solve the problem?
i have the same.
i installed Galleon, connected it to my ledger, but my account is empty.

I can’t remember exactly, but I restored the wallet on Galleon using the original wallet issued during the activation.

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Hi @wallace,
Apologies for the issue, have you been able to resolve your issue ?