Philip Wadler's on Simplicity and Michelson

Not a lot of love for Michelson from a IOHK programmer.

Arthur defends Michelson on reddit:

Criticism is good, but coming from someone with a financial interest in a competing project, you have to take it with a grain of salt.

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I never intent to spark any flame here. The sharing was only for the technical purpose. Could have it came from anyone else, I would have not shared the article. But it came from Philip Wadler. I am interested to know both technical merits and demerits. And if it benefits Michelson, why not!

Btw… thank you for sharing Arther’s post on reddit.

Thanks Milo for :

@Kuldeep I appreciate all sides of a story so thank you for posting. I was just about to post Milo’s link.

Yeah no, I agree it’s good to have someone like Wadler review the language, I just think he may have been a wee bit biased is all. Either way, good discussion followed.