Operation failed on tezbox


I have been trying to send my tezzies to deposit into gate.io account.
Unfortunately, there is a pop up notifying operation failed! Operation Failed:Error (operation).

Can someone advice what is this and how to go about it.

Would appreciate the kind assistance.



you need a put original address (big and small letters). If all letters will be capital you will get this error.


Tqsm for your kind reply.
The address sent to is copied from gate.io. is this the address youre referring?
Appreciate your kind clarification.


address must be like for example tz1bzAdnN9CswPGz2eUjMUQeFcgRm1e7gd5M but if copied the same address and past but all letters will be capital will be error.


The address is correct but still the error exist.

Do you know how to reach tezbox support?

Thanking you in advanced for responding.


https://cryptonomic.tech/projects/ or stephen@andrewstribe.co.nz


did you get any answer? is your problem solved, cus i got the same issue.
sent a big part to k adres and delegated it and a smaller part which i wanted to is stuck with operation failed.



I noticed that if im trying to send out the complete amount with leaving some balance the operation failed. But when i left some tezzies it was ok.

Nevertheless, the wallet operatiom seems intermittance.

I would probably wait for the new wallet to be released soon.

Trust above reply was helpful. Thks


Have the same issue, even when I want to import my KT adress, I got an error saying: There was an error importing that account… Can someone please help? using chrome as browser.