No delegate rewards


My kt address is KT1Ccw9tDj3XfsWZzcEX31LkP9rJjPRtckq6. Can someone please let me why I am not getting any delegate rewards?



you will get 4 xtz


Hi there,

I have same problem my link shows that I am not getting any rewards, is this because of over delegated. Please help me. Thanks.


It depends when you delegated, because now they over delegated.
You can use Tezzigator fro example.

Also check the FAQ

Tezos.Community’s intital schedule is to pay out delegation awards every 7 cycles. So we anticipate a schedule like the following:

Cycle 0 - you delegate to Tezos.Community
Cycle 7 - The Tezos Blockchain assigns your delegation rights to us and we can start baking for you.
Cycle 14 - Rewards for Cycle 7 and start accumulating in your account.
Cycle 21 - Tezos.Community provides the rewards for cycles 7-13.


Hi. You created delegated address in block 29080.
Cycle 12Snapshot Block Level is block 24576.
You will be on list when snapshot will be on block above 29080, and you will see Estimated Reward
(imho in block 13 you will be in snapshot)



Thank you for your response. What I understand you re saying I am not getting any rewards from tezos community because of over delegated…Is that right? I am not good at business sorry if I bother u…



Thank you for your descriptive information, so can I get my rewards later on cycle 14?? :pensive::pensive:



Thank you for info. Still does not seem any rewards although the cycle 14. Do you have any suggestion for me should I change delegate service?


Hello! I’m the tech lead for Tezos.Community

Cycle rights are determined 7 cycles in advance and announced 5 cycles in advance. That means that the rights (and, therefore, your estimated earnings) for cycle 14 were determined in cycle 7 and announced in cycle 7 (which just started a few minutes ago!).

I have double checked, and your earnings for cycle 7 are now available on the Delegator Dashboard.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for info. I am so happy now. This mean I can get reward every five cycle is that right?
Thank you🙏


You can get rewards every cycle :slight_smile: We don’t batch payments. We send them immediately.