New logo and site security improvements

Hey Community. Just a quick note to let you know that we added a security certificate. Sorry it took so long! Also, let us know what you think about the proposed new logo for our community…

We’ve got laptop stickers coming and will pass them out at the SF Happy Hour next week!


The earth background made it look so cheap, a more professional looking logo will do


Great to hear you got security certificate installed now!

About the proposed logo, I personally think it would need some polishing. Also, Tezos character (ꜩ) does not appear to be correct. It looks like this is not the official unicode character that is used in the proposed logo. I think the official unicode character ꜩ looks much better than what we see in this proposed logo. I must say I hope more effort is put on the community logo than what we see here.

I think it’s important to have a professional look. Here you can find some Ethereum brand images …and Ethereum visual identity PDF

Here you can find Numeraire project marketing video:

Here is a short film called Golem. It’s not related to Golem project on Ethereum in any way, but worth sharing here as an example

Very cool videos I would say!

Then what do I like? Well, I personally very much like the logos, colors and fonts that were used in the Tezos overview PDF document. A good gfx artist could use these as basis and create something new out of these.



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Run a competition, prize a tzOven.


Hooray! Let’s Encrypt security certificate.

Regarding the community logo,
Have you tried a nighttime earth?

Perhaps changing the perspective of the earth for different regions of the community?


Good idea, looks a lot better than the original proposal I think!

I’d prefer that the font be less transparent and larger on this night time earth. The sigil is the point. Logo = Identity. Confusing Logo = Confusing Identity.

I liked the solid color examples from Farmer_John better, but this is an improvement on the first post with the earth in it.

If I could get any stickers it would be this:



That way what I apply it to is what I’m adding.

Forget earth background, it doesn’t look cool

Will the logo be free to use, modify, distribute?

Nice Job @Chainomatic. Way better than my hack job. May we use it until we have official brand assets or we invest in design / have a competition? Can you put the url into a curve so that we can print a round sticker? 300 dpi pretty please!

I think yours is expressing a different mood, not a hack.

Does this one work?

Link to png file


Logo needs to be vector imo to look professional.


Take the lead please, I don’t have a vector editor.

As a Graphic Artist myself, I would suggest to completely steer away from the photography earth background. It looks dated and it’s not very practical.
Logos should be flat and simple.
I’ll come up with something and post it.
You guys teach me about crypto, I’ll teach you about branding :slight_smile:


I apollogize about the “tree”. That I just grabbed off the web (I’m finishing up stuff for a major website launch, and can’t take the time to an original, and since this is a non-profit community, I thought it would be fine).
Anyway, variations of the same logo, for banner, main icon and others.
I used a font that seems to be what the Tezos logo has for the “t” for writing “”.
The idea behind this is, the “C”, which represents the community, surrounds/covers/protects all that is related to Tezos.


Super cool @otas32. Thanks for sharing and keep the ideas coming!

Very nice, I like it a lot! Looks a lot more professional.

Was learning to use designer app called Sketch on my Mac today, results below. Sketch can export to scalable vector graphics (.SVG) files. Keep 'em coming guys! Don’t be afraid to share your ideas!

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“We bake our own tezzies!”