Misplaced Wallet Password

Hello, I usually never post just like to read to stay up on everything, but recently I went through a breakup and through the moving process misplaced my wallet password. I am aware that these passwords are essential to accessing your Tezos on launch date, but I wanted to inquire if it would be possible to submit a proposal (amendment to the ledger) once main net launches to enable Tezos holders who misplaced their passwords to retrieve their passwords. Also, if it is not possible would it be feasible to sell my private key to someone with the hopes they crack the code? Also, sorry in advance if these questions sound really noobie, I am an amateur and do don’t purport to be an expert so any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

For obtaining your tezzies you need :
your password
your mnemonic key (25 words in the good order)
your private key

If you have only your private key, it will be mearly impossible to crack it down

i thought that the mnemonic key was 15 words? i am looking at pdf now, how does mnemonic key differ from private key? link to what function generates this string using, email, mnemonic key and pw?

The algorithm is plain BIP39, where the passphrase is email+passphrase. The output of BIP39 is 32 bytes, used as seed for generating the Ed25519 private key. So, to clarify the words:
private key = mnemonic + (email + passphrase)


I would strongly suggest writing down passwords you think it could have been and then testing them out using either the offline pwcheck html file or the original offline contribution file in the javascript console of a browser on an airgapped machine. There are folks who specialize in helping people crack passwords in these situations, basically if you know enough of the correct password it’ll significantly increase the chance of recovery.

Do you at all recall what the password could have been?

I do recall what the password could have been. Do you have any suggestions as to who I could reach out to for assistance with cracking the code? I wouldn’t mind giving that person 500 Tezzies for the assistance.

tezosrecovery@gmail.com can help