Lost the seed word


How to recover lost data from Tezos?

I lost the seed word. , but I have all my information … number to wallet . Keys passaword mail . All!!! But I didn see the 15 seed word and now I have problem because y cannot take my tezos in wallet. … what can I do?


If you dont have all the data that you need to activate yout XTZ, then you can do nothing. Did you lost your PDF with your private data from the ICO?

If you have already activated your XTZ then you can use only your private key to access your XTZ


Is correct … already actived all … who ??? Where can I take my tokens? Yes I lost my pdf but I have the keys hash and the code activation email and password … only I cannot find the seeds word


? Please help me … I cannot find the 15 phrases what can I do ? I need to acces


Nobody can to help me right ? I lost 10.000 tzs


you need seedwords or private key to get to your coins. one of those. if you have no seedwords or private key than you cant get to your coins.

try to scan your computer for your file. if you deleted your pdf from the ico maybe you can restore it with special software like undelete.