Los Angeles meetup


Hey guys sorry for the delay I have been swamped at work. Yeah lets aim for Saturday October 7th. I will check out some locations and post here soon.


Would love to be a part of the la meetup! Are there any firm dates set for this?


im hoping so - id like to schedule a trip out there, reservation, etc. otherwise I may end up getting other things scheduled that weekend.


Still interested and can make Oct 7.


I’m also interested in this meeting. Is anyone coordinating? Is there a meetup.com page?


need to figure it out quick if iam going to be able to make accomodations.


Any update on October 7 for Los Angeles?


Very sorry you guys, I have been very busy with work and have dropped the ball on this. If someone else wants to set it up I will 100% be there


I can’t be on this meetup. But can you guys ask someone who knows at least something about Tezos - when Tezos is going to hit exchanges?
How many months/years/centuries they would need to finish their SW development?
Why they did ICO so early?
What they are going to do with money received from the ICO except investing it in other cryptos and Gold ( as Artur suggested)
All these questions are extremely important


Any new ideas for dates for a LA meet up?


I would be happy to do leg work, find a location, promote, etc. Can someone get me in contact with Tezos team? I would need to know their availability, discuss agenda, etc. I have locations in mind West LA and Wilshire/Fairfax.


Resurrecting this mythical thread. Anyone interested in organizing the meet? Could be a launch party potentially…


I’ve started a Tezos Los Angeles Meetup.

I have experience running large meetings for tech in LA both for AI and for Crypto. Feel free to join. We’re just getting started. :slightly_smiling_face:


Feel free to join mine https://www.meetup.com/TezosLA/


Looks like the LA Meetup will be funded by TCF and likely at the end of August. Follow the Meetup group for details.