Los Angeles meetup


Hey everyone,

I’m interested in arranging a Tezos meetup for people in the Los Angeles area and I’d like to gauge interest. If enough people are down I’d be happy to organize it etc :slight_smile:


I’m interested. Santa Monica area would be good.


Hi Interested. Thanks.


I am in for LA
If it’s before 15 sept


Yes, definitely can make it to a Los Angeles meetup. I planned to go to the SF one, but couldn’t get away.


How about Friday Oct 6th or Sat Oct 7th?

Ross Kenyon from the Foundation is based in LA and we can bring the Tezos.community team down from Palo Alto. @kathleenb said she is in LA in November for a conference, but we may not want to wait that long.


Either one works for me!


Either one works for me too. It would be great to meet with @kathleenb.


Great idea. West Side, Century City, Beverly Hills is great for me, but I am flexible.


YEAh ! i live in Orange County and am interested in a Tezos meetup in LA area


Yeah it definitely seems like there’s enough interest to have an LA meetup. That date works for me I think, does it work for Ross?


I’ll reach out to the Tezos team to see if they can help organize and attend. Arthur just announced a Silicon Valley Meetup later this month. Perhaps you can come up.


Please keep us informed if/when this will occur. Thank you.


Any update on date/location for Los Angeles event?


I may would like to attend this one. Bow season starts the weekend after that, and im usually in the woods every saturday then, so this works perfectly for me.


I’m interested in attending if this is still happening?


October 7th works for me !!


Hey @Apollo, what do you think? I assume you would be the local PoC for arranging this? Do you think you can swing this? Am def interested in coming out.


Both dates are good. I think there is plenty of interest.


All - lots up in the air for me that weekend so I am not sure that I can make it down. I will do my best! Jonas