Lawsuit seeks freezing of Tezos Foundation assets


Thank you Mr. Gevers. The only good thing you can do now is to quit as president.


Can somebody tell them to F. off?
That’s the worse case possible for us - the project will not be able to keep going.
All these clowns have to do is wait til February to sell their freaking coins and shut up.


Well, given that people are theorising that these suits were planned from the start, this outcome would make sense.

I’m confused as to how any of these lawsuits can even succeed technically. The terms of the fundraiser are very clear, and the jurisdiction lies with the Swiss courts. As for freezing the assets, I don’t see how a California or US Federal court has any jurisdiction over a foundation based in Switzerland.

Am I missing something?


I do not think so.
But it still appears that the problem is GEVERS.


Crypto assets held by a Swiss non profit foundation. Yeah, a US court has a chance in hell freezing them. I doubt very seriously a judge would entertain such a waste of time petition from what is obviously a dim witted lawyer.


In this stage ,we had better to wait the foundation audit form the special branch and silence maybe better than this way .I think the foundation will post the remark in near days.
thank you


Coindesk just issued news on what I believe is the same lawsuit (sorry, I lost a bit the overview) described above. I guess this is why the (yes, useless) IOU price is crashing. Well, it also went up a bit. Just FYI:

Banking used to be a national sport in Switzerland, suing seems to be the same in the US…

Needless to say, that it would be soo great to have some sort of good news on the matter. It would be so great to finally focus on real actions, partnerships, building the ecosystem together - even as a non-techie, I would love to read thousands of lines of code and how to make it better. @Jonas: I signed this petition, but do I need to send those letters/emails in addition? I feel so frustrated… I’ll do whatever needed.


@Pyromania_blue - the good news here is the dev team is making good progress and Tezos will be successfully launched in 2018. My feeling is that the class actions will ultimately not have much to go on, and the foundation will be straightened out.


I can only image all lawsuits will completely dismissed if we have a live network and the coins are trading above their ICO price (in Bitcoin!)
What would these clowns could possibly be complaining about then? That it was breaking SEC rule? Well why they invested in it then?


It is out. Court refuses case to freeze the assets of tezos foundation ! Good news !!