Launching Alphanet


Special thanks to physes and fuzb in the tezos channel who have helped me set the testnet.

First step: Installation of Ubuntu and Docker

  1. You can use a virtual machine like Virtual Box or Esxi and run Ubuntu inside your Windows or MacOS computer.

  2. Or you can make a new installation of Ubuntu.
    a) Download 64-bits Ubuntu 16.04 or later version: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
    b) Create a bootable USB stick on Windows or MacOS
    c) Follow the installation process:

  3. Installation of Docker CE for Ubuntu:
    Installation of Docker is done through the command-line (Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + T)

Second step: Launching the testnet
All the main commands can be found on alphanet’s github

  1. Download the script
    chmod +x
  1. Launch a docker container to form a working tezos node
    ./ start
  1. Check your tezzies balance and claim your staking rights
    ./ client get balance for my_account

Everyone starts with a 100k tezzies balance and our staking rights are attributed to an active baker. In order to bake, we need to claim back our staking rights.

    ./ client set delegate for "my_account" to "my_identity"

On alphanet, we need to wait for two cycles, which is 128 blocks (~ 2 hours) before we can start baking.

Third step: Baking

  1. Provision a bond
    ./ client set delegate for "my_account" to "my_identity"
  1. Start baking
    ./ baker log

You should see lines such as:

Injected block BLxzbB7PBW1axq for bootstrap5 after BLSrg4dXzL2aqq (level 1381, slot 0, fitness 00::0000000000005441, operations 21)

Introduce Yourself!

Thanks @Dee well on the way.
What I need as a naive baker is a flashed card with a GUI ready to insert my credentials. The current available instructions and command line work are repellant to many.
I don’t mind paying for this.


This is useful. Thanks.

The ./ baker log command just displays the most recent 10 lines in /var/run/tezos/client/baker.log in the container and tails the log after that. It’s not needed to start baking. It can take several hours for the node to be eligible for baking and after that it will only occasionally win the lottery and be allowed to bake the next block. So those “injected block” lines can take a while to appear, and will be sparse among the many “no nonce to reveal” messages.


That’s good info. Thanks ^^

How is it progressing @moonbaker ?


All good here @Dee, the Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet via WiFi, and it’s pretty quick. I am having trouble with the mSATA drive but can sort it out. @Chainomatic is sending me a UDOOx86 motherboard with ten times more grunt and I have a case on order ready for cable-ties. it’s a maker board with more connections than Oprah and will be a very effective tzOven.

Lots of business opportunities are becoming available; plenty of low hanging fruit.

No takers yet for the baker’s mascot Win a tzOven. I might win it myself and end up with a wardrobe of t-shirts.


One can also check full baker log file issuing the following commands:
./alphanet shell
after the command is executed, in container’s shell
grep -v nonce /var/run/tezos/client/baker.log

Also, the baker’s balance is decreased by the amount of security bond before baker is rewarded.

Good reading about baking
Baking on alphanet


Great info! I staked 10,000 tezzies on the alphanet and my current balance is 275.50. I checked the shell as you mentioned for both the baker log and endorser log. Good news is I baked 3 blocks and have many endorsements logged.

However, I would like to be able to check the status of the bonds allocated to the various blocks and endorsements. How much was tied to each block/endorsement and when do the payments get credited back?

I checked through the rpc calls but was not able to find out how to track this. Thanks for any help!


I have a win32 machine with Lubuntu.
Can I run Tezos alphanet on it?


not completely sure, but if you can get docker-ce installed on it, it should work. be sure you get docker-ce, as the regular docker wont work. at least it didnt work for me.


I think docker is only for 64 bit machines.
And I dont want to use a docker, I want to compile the source code.

Is it possible? Do you have some instructions?
In the alphanet github branch it is written that a docs/README.master file contains the compilation instructions,
But I couldnt spot this file. Can you help me?


I have been successful in compiling from sources, following a different readme on that same github (the master branch, which is for compiling alphanet from source, versus the alphanet branch which is for the docker-ce way)

(space injected between github and .com there, take it out)
https://github .com/tezos/tezos/blob/master/

but warning, its not for the faint of heart, youll have to understand OPAM and ocaml installation, and dependencies out the wazoo. good luck.

Also, since wghile baking, everyone’s alphanet locks up frequently, if you are running docker’ed as root user, I have a cron’able script that will help that:


so for those who have less than 100k can bake


when i type
./ endorser status
endorser is running
./ endorser log
gets hung up and does nothing?


its not hung, its doing a ‘tail’ inside the docker. so you can see reecent activity and monitor it live. CTRL-C to break out of it


how do i see it live?. i hit ctrl c to break out of it.

i guess now my question is how do i look inside docker? This is like learning a foreign language to me


@Raleigh Try this: docker exec -it tezos-alphanet bash


How to join the alphanet ?

We provide two ways of joining the alphanet :

  1. use docker and prebuilt binaries
    (recommended way, tested on windows/mac/linux)
  2. manual compilation and installation
    (linux and mac only)

Hint - make sure you have all the OCaml libraries squared away before you start.


Hi everyone, I’ve setup the alphanet and I can see how rich I am right now (100k tezzies :slight_smile:). Problem is that when I try to claim back my staking rights I get an error ‘RCP Request failed’, is this because I should wait a couple hours or is it another issue? Any help will be much appreciated of course :stuck_out_tongue:


Update on the situation… the error message is now => ‘no space left on device’ (30gb+ available just in case :wink: )


For those who’d get the same issue fix is simply done by emptying your /tmp folder :wink: