Launch question


Question for community/ developers if available.

So when the network is ready to launch, DLS will sell the code/platform to the Tezos Foundation and recommend an allocation of tokens to contributors (my understanding).

Given how little movement we have seen “publicly” by the foundation, what happens if the network is ready to launch (Feb’ 2018) but the Tezos foundation does nothing?

Thank you.


This is a question for Arthur, but I’d imagine DLS has the genesis information, (who bought what) and could release Tezos without the foundations input if it came to that.

If this is not the case then it makes a Tezos launch more unlikely as we already now know that Gevers will do anything in his power to prevent Tezos from launching.


If Arthur does indeed have the genesis info then that would add significant stability to the launch situation.


I read once that there is the possibility of two versions of Tezzies (that would mean something like a hardfork before it has started :slight_smile: ). Hence there would be a Gevers vs Breitmans Tezos I vs Tezos II fight and both would be competing for being the best BC platform. I am afraid that the war-chest would belong to Gevers (as he rules over the foundation), but who knows, maybe the Breitmans could get additional funding… I have no clue if this is possible, but it’s an interesting thesis. I cant find the link anymore, sorry for that, I think it was on Reddit or Medium…