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I’m surprised this hasn’t already been posted?

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What does this shit mean?
Gavers will help Tezos? or make it even more harder?

I think he is being a pain in the arse for close to 1 billion reasons. I for one am done with Gevers. He can easily be replaced. My hope is that network development is still going strong and after Tezos Foundation issues are resolved, Tezos goes forward as previously planned but with MORE transparency and communication.

Don’t you think that Gevers was “invented” because nothing is going on with development?
All that we know about development itself is coming from pointless Artur’s dev updates.
Can you be more specific - what makes you fill like development will be doing just fine when foundation issue resolved?
What stops development from progress now?
Why wait till Gevers will be replaced?

You obviously lack the mental capacity to understand the situation. Why not just read and think rather than continue to spout nonsense.

@labeoTairovo Send me some Bitcoin and I will write up a report. Well actually pay someone else to write the report. I hate writing reports! Call it good old fashioned intuition. Sorry I can expound any further.