KYC what and why (good article by Jonas Lamis, TCF)



This is extremely bad news.
Tezos should reject KYC/AML
Cryptocyrrencies and KYC/AML are incompatible eachother.


maybe ideologically bad, practically not so sure.
Despite all sort of claims of an incoming armageddon, there are no factual evidences that anything evil will happen. I am not going to make my life miserable “believing” that the KYC data will be posted on facebook any day from now.
If we have to speculate, then why not also start building a bunker underground preparing for a deadly asteroid impact on Earth or a nuclear war.

If you mean decentralized cryptocurrencies and KYC are incompatible, then define decentralized network because I don’t see how KYC has an effect. If there are 8000 nodes processing the blockchain, to me that is a decentralized network, with or without KYC.
I am worried about Tezos decentralization, but for completely different reasons.


I think the destiny of the cryptocurrency of the future is to compete the current world monetary system,
In order to be able to do that, anonymity is required.
Thats why KYC is so bad.