KYC ID submission rejected: connection lost


Have tried to submit 3-4 different photos (less glare, black background vs my hand etc) have gotten this erorr that has a big red bar atop my photo along with connection lost please try again. Anyone else get this? How to fix?


not sure, here are my 3 suggestions
I) I assume you are taking a pic of your face, nothing else
II) there are 2 ways to take the selfie either directly with the web cam or uploading a file of your selfie taken earlier. Whatever method you have used, try the other one.
III) maybe the quality of the image is too high, try something smaller, either a smaller file or lower the resolution on your webcam.
hope it helps


This is a pic of a state drivers license


For some reason mobile worked whereas comp did not! See you guys on the moon!


I got the error on all my images.
I still submitted, and got back confirmations, no problem.