KYC/AML checks for ICO contributors


To claim your tokens, please check in for identity verification:

These are the info that need to be provided:

  • contact details (address, phone number)
  • ID
  • selfie


Question: I’ve participated twice (meaning I have two private/public keys. Do I have to do KYC/AML twice? Will your system allow that at all?


no, just once, when you register you are asked to put all your hash public keys in the system, it is really easy.


Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:


Not exactly.
Max THREE per account.
So in my case for example, I have 17.
I had to use six seperate email accounts to do this.


Can someone tell me please: is it normal not to receive activation code? I’ve done my KYC four days ago…


From what other people have been reporting, it can take a variable amount of time, from hours to several days, no need to be worried.
Just to be sure, login and check the status.


However - I’ve gave my money! But what’s worse is fact that for me these coins are precious and there’s no reason for this delay. Do you know some way to reach Tokensoft for being able to directly communicate with them?


don’t worry, you’ll get you coins, here is the email address:
have you tried to login again? does it say it is still under review?


I’ve sent one mail to this address after posting my last question here, but I didn’t try to log in again.
After your message I log in again in their page and everything seems fine - my status is verified. Thank you for your help. :+1:


I can’t find Macedonia in the country list. I can’t complete the KYC. Is anyone having similar troubles?


I have my activation code, and I have a balance in my ICO wallet. Now how do I access those tezzies? When I check my tez address on, I see a zero balance, and TezBox reports the same.


I know that tezos leaders are forced to provide AML/KYC
But this is bad news.
I wonder, can you create a fork of tezos, that is not AML/KYC ?
The only thing you need for that, is NO LEADERS.