Is it safe to share your Tezos public key?


I have a question: Is it safe to share your Tezos public key with other people?

What can they obtain from this public key except for the amount of Tezos I have?

Can they identify my email, name and last name?



I’m fairly confident you are safe sharing your Tezos public key unless Johan Gevers leaks it to the press. Kidding… I couldn’t help myself. Seriously, I don’t see why not, should be same as sharing an ETH or BTC public key. There is a database with more personal info somewhere attached to all the Tezos public keys, hopefully with DLS.



I just afraid that someone from DLS or Tezos Foundation or developers may track me and expose my identity

This is what I fear


I don’t think they will do that. That would be unethical.