Is it possible to join tezos betanet without filling the KYC form?


KYC is not mandatory for all countries.
Is it possible to join the tezos betanet, without giving your real name?


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@demo you are back!
KYC applied only to fundraiser accounts. You can create a fresh new account using one of the wallets that are around, or if you have a tezos node running, use the command:
./tezos-client gen keys <name_new_account>
If you are not afraid of receiving 1 xtz from a KYC vetted account (mine), send me you pkh and I’ll make the transfer.


I am not afraid of receiving xtz from a KYC vetted account.
I issued the following comands in my tezos node:

./tezos-client gen keys demowallet
New secret key alias 'demowallet' saved.
New public key alias 'demowallet' saved.
New public key hash alias 'demowallet' saved.
I generated a brand new pair of keys under the name 'demowallet'.

So I created a wallet named ‘demowallet’.
Question 1:What shall I do next? How do I find the wallet address and send it to you?

Also I think my tezos node is still into the alphanet. So I will read the wiki page in[b]-Revised-(07-02-18)-notes-to-setup-a-linux-machine-(Fedora-OS)-to-run-Tezos-starting-from-the-plain-OS and try to migrate to the betanet.

Question2: Is the above the correct document I should read in order to migrate from the alphanet to the betanet?

Note that I would like to compile my tezos node from scratch, not download an image and run it. Also I would like to join the zeronet (which is tottaly experimental as far as I understand it), I really want 1 xtz, because this gives me a small voting power in the betanet/zeronet, and I will use it in order to do experiments in voting for protocol changes (which is the reason I like tezos so much)

Question 3: Is there a document in the wiki that describes how someone can join the zeronet or betanet by compiling the node from scratch, then describe how to vote for protocol changes?


ok, if you created a wallet on the alphanet, it is not for real xtz. Your first step would be to migrate to the betanet (real xtz).
You may want to skip the wiki page which describes the setup starting from scratch since you have already the linux OS. Just wipe out the tezos alphanet and compile the betanet version. There may be some bumps on the road since your last adventure, ocaml opam and other packages have been updated. Don’t forget to upgrade linux OS first. You may want to follow relevant instructions on this page and this one, they should be the closest thing to what you may actually need to do.
The general Tezos docs are in the usual place, not sure about the voting system, as far as I know, it may become effective 12 months after the launch of the mainet and it should pertain only to protocol changes.
(today was the first day the community created real blocks on the tezos chain (so-called baking), major milestone)


there’s a chat to stand up against Tezos KYC! The great thing about Tezos protocol is that we can upgrade it and cancel the KYC check. Let’s build a community and fight it together!


I am not using telegram. Telegram can be used to spot you via your mobile phone, and also can be hacked by using ss7 signaling.

Why dont we discuss the issue here, on the forum?


where are you georgie?
What news with tezos KYC?



Could you send me a little xtz. I had bought some in hitbtc, but they closed withdraw functionality of xtz. My address is tz1MScPKSK3rtQYPJjExcSmcDL5nS1R2Q7VD.

Thanks a lot


And now where can we buy XTZ without KYC?


Go to I bought some there.