Introducing Tezos.Kitchen


Introducig Tezos.Kitchen

A team of like-minded software engineers from East Coast US united together to facilitate
Tezos wide spread acceptance and development.
Delegation service was our first contribution to the community. Bake with us, we are open for delegation now with pretty high ROI 7.43%. Bakers who have higher ROI are offering bigger service fee or lower efficiency or over delegated for now except a few maybe.
But what make us unique is a variety of Plans ranging from 8% to 4% plus Early Rewards paid with no Frozen Period. That makes our offer attractive.

We do believe in long-term relationships, therefore for delegators who stayed longer with us we offer automatic fee adjustment. For example, after 9 months of consecutive delegation with us, all delegators who have 8% default rate will be upgraded to 7%, and so on. So, it makes sense to bake longer with us.

Delegation address: tz1Nn14BBsDULrPXtkM9UQeXaE4iqJhmqmK5
Fee : ranges from 8 % to 4%
Payments : Early rewards with no frozen period every cycle


By delegating to us, you will help to further develop/improve our existing and new initiatives related to Tezos

Our road map:
• Improve our Dashboard by providing wider information scope and visual analytics for Delegators to enable them with multiple tariff models comparison when making decision about delegation
• Prepare the ground for potential roll size reduction while working on optimized baking solution to run multiple nodes on one platform. It will reduce the cost of operation for one node and allow Baking as a Service (Baas) for those who want to run their own node in effective manner.

We hope to serve your baking rights well!
Happy Baking!
The team