Introduce Yourself!


thank you so much for the clarity. cheers


Good day i have invested in tezos and would like to start using tezos and list it on my exchange


Tezos network will not be launched until Feb 18 !


Hi everyone

I’m from France and i’m here to test the tezos alphanetwork. I am very interested in the possibily that offer tezos.

If i have well understand, i have to ask on irc to have access to the tezos alphanet??

Have a nice day


welcome! and you dont have to ask to get in on the alphanet. just follow these instructions


Hey there, we are organizing a Tezos meetup in Toronto:


Hi, I’m Leywite!

I represent the Magnum Wallet team. We have created a light universal wallet and added Tezos as an auspicious currency with active communities >:3


Welcome Leywite. We are working on a Magnum Wallet video.


Hi, I am a strong Tezos follower and an investor also.


Hello. I participated in the ICO. Been keeping up, lots of uncertainty over the last year, but seems to have settled down. I am interested in transactional applications and monetizing of smart contracts. A starting point is to develop rules for corporate governance related to management and dividends that can be implemented via token protocols. Make a case that the method results in lower costs and better strategy. Not talking about hard forking of the blockchain, but rather focused use for specific organizational purposes.


Hey there! Nice to see you all!