Introduce Yourself!


thank you so much for the clarity. cheers


Good day i have invested in tezos and would like to start using tezos and list it on my exchange


Tezos network will not be launched until Feb 18 !


Hi everyone

I’m from France and i’m here to test the tezos alphanetwork. I am very interested in the possibily that offer tezos.

If i have well understand, i have to ask on irc to have access to the tezos alphanet??

Have a nice day


welcome! and you dont have to ask to get in on the alphanet. just follow these instructions


Hey there, we are organizing a Tezos meetup in Toronto:


Hi, I’m Leywite!

I represent the Magnum Wallet team. We have created a light universal wallet and added Tezos as an auspicious currency with active communities >:3


Welcome Leywite. We are working on a Magnum Wallet video.