Introduce Yourself!


Do you exchange value in crypto?


I do! Plus I give a 10% discount. I use my Coinomi wallet because it supports so many different coins that I don’t have to be fussy on what I take (because its pretty easy to switch it for what I want).


Hello to all my fellow Tezonians! I am Jovan it is a pleasure to be join the community. Cheers!


Hello Tezors, i am a blockchain enthousiast since 2013,
I started to Mine Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum, lot of fun building reliable rigs & seeing semantics of Ol’world FUDers:
I understand them as we are still in the early age:
If i only take Global FIAT money supply, i find 81,000,000,000,000 US$
With 160,000,000,000 US$, Cryptos marketcap worth around 0.2% of that supply. I bet the next step is 5% (x25):
4,000,000,000,000 $ and Tezos seems to be the best blockchain tech since a while !
I am very pleased that trust and money goes to people from the code world because i know there is more good guys there than in Financial / Insurance / Politic / Chemistry / Foods / Oil Worlds.


Hi Pedro! I’m happy to collaborate. I’m from Colombia living in US so we should plan ahead when Tezos hit LatAm :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone, I started in crypto world because someone told me about this great platform called Ethereum. I spent my whole weekend watching all Blockchain/Ethereum videos. I started investing on ETH when it was at 30 and made it to 400 in couple of months. I’ve participated in hackathons with friends trying to learn solidity and so on. Tezos is the only ICO I’ve participated. I’m looking forward to add value to this community and why not start working on a project on this space. Looking forward to chat.


Excelente Luis! Te contacto por interno para organizar una rama de la comunidad Tezos en Español.


Hi! I’m an Old Fart in the world of the young trying to keep up to date with all you young folk and it’s a big challenge as everything moves fast with lots of new information which frankly I can’t understand sometimes and that’s most of the time Lol but it does keep my mind active. Lol


Hey guys - I’ve been around on reddit and riot, thought I should probably setup an account here and post. Love Tezos and the community, and I hope I can develop some cool tools for us to all use and help propel Tezos forward.


I’m right there with you! Over 60 here, and feel like the idiot kid brother trying to catch up to the scary teenagers.

I’m fascinated by all of this, but have almost zero knowledge or expertise of pretty much most of it. I prefer to learn by doing - and in this case the “doing” seems to be jumping into the deep end of a glacial lake with sharks…


Hi! I liken this experience to a toddler learning the language around him/her…I certainly enjoy all of the solutions we are being given by these brilliant minds


Hello everyone . I’m Rob . My first cryptocurrency purchase was to join tezos with around 9500 xtz .
I love everything it stands for and it’s clearly the way of the future .
Does anybody know if the tezos wallet checker is a legitamet site ?
I tried to check my password offline and it says no good !
I’m clearly out of my depth here and into panic stations. Can the site check your password whilst not connected to the internet ?
My password was simple so I don’t really know where I’ve gone wrong . Everything has been thouroghly checked . The xtz transactions show when I check with the public key .
Any ideas ??
Cheers. Rob


Has anyone responded to you? I cannot answer your questions fully but the site to check your balance is good. if you haven’t already, sign in online…hoping everything is ok


Hi Gregory , yes thanks mate , 3rw4n replied and gave some advice, I’m not sure why my password doesn’t work . Im waiting to see if tezos support can help .
I was trying to check the chat thread on discord and somehow re sent the first post .
I’ll update it with any results .
Cheers. Rob


Hi everyone,

I’m from France, really reading and interested about crypto since I’ve discovered Tezos in November 16.

See you,


Hello Tezos Community,

I want to find out what is going on with Tezos so I sign up. I am in Singapore and helped to run baker container tests for chainomatic.

thank you


greetings all, i am from australia.

i have bought tezos during crowdsale.

and have just come across tezos community after signing up on tezzigator, via a friend.

thank you for your time. i have questions. perhaps i can find answers here.
there is no search facility here. or i would have searched for answers to my question.

could anyone enighten me about tezzigator. i am not a crypto newbie, but just cannot understand what i do next in tezzigator. they have given me free tezos. and i need to delegate my tezos.
but how. there are no instructions.
here is an about delegation - yet no howto

neither is the FAQ page helpful


hello, you were given free Alphanet-only tezos, that are only good in the test network. Your 100K tezzies, they are already delegated out to me.

but for the live network launch, I will have a very easy mechanism for you to delegate your real tezos out to Tezzigator.


thank you tezzigator.
so the alphanet-only tezos are not real tezos?


correct - not real; just for testing with.
for my alphanet wallet that I have developed for everyone to get free 100K test alphanet only tezzies, when your wallet it created, you are automatically set up to delegate out to me; you dont have to do anything else.