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nice to meet you!
I am demo


Hi all,

I’m a developer from India, interested in the field of crypto currencies. Thanks!


Hello Tezos World. I’m a virgin, Tezos’s my first. I can’t write code. I consider my selves fortunate living in Denmark a very equal society. I participated in the Tezos ICO because I like the democratic and evolving nature of Tezos. I’m a product designer and right now working on a smart watch.


Welcome @Forty-two and all our new members!


Thank you @Jonas. I’m very excited about where this will take me. So much new to learn.


Looking at the average profile that said hello here, I can see a lot are related to some sort of software development…
Is this a requirement, if you want to really understand and take advantage of something like XTZ, specially for early adopters?
Like I mentioned, I’m just a Graphic Designer, and I have no background in Crypto or in the Financial World.
A lot of this is rather overwhelming, but I still believe in what I read in the XTZ whitepaper, which is the reason why I invested.
Oh, and if it helps, I can also help moderate, if not with crypto knowledge, at least with simple common sense in any future Spanish thread (I’m in beautiful Costa Rica).


Welcome to all, not just programmer types. We expect to go big, well beyond the community we have here, so yes all types are welcome.


Hi there,

I am Erwin from the Netherlands - business owner and technology savy. I have been in IT for a long time working for larger consulting companies like Capgemini, Accenture and Wipro and now active as business owner of a medium-sized Digital Agency (50+). I am in to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for a while but wouldn’t call myself an expert. Each day learning more and more about this fundamental change our world is going through. I have rigs and actively mine coins like Ether and Zcash. Also I am experimenting with Solidity programming as a hobby to get some simple smart contracts out there on Ethereum. Furthermore I also buy coins quite actively, all with the objective to build my portfolio of crypto currencies - I am a long-term investor and strongly believe in Blockchain hence not selling but collecting coins for the future. Last but least I am a domain buyer and and have high potential .com domains in my portfolio related blockchain, mining or specific coins - always open to discuss partnerships to build great content or brands on it. PM me in case interested knowing more on all of above in more detail. Looking forward to contribute to the Tezos community - as I am a hard believer that hard forks are really a pain … - Tezos will offer a solution to this which makes the biggest advantage of this blockchain and ready for success. Tezos, XTZ and Tezzies to the moon!


Hello all, I am a student of computer science, and have bene following this project for several months. I am interested to see how it develops and I hope to learn more from the community about technical details of Tezos; in particular, PoS, Michelson, and self amending protocols. I plan on setting up a Tezos node and running a testnet. It will be my first Node, and it will be a learning experience.

Anyways, thank you all. I hope to contribute to the community and ecosystem in some way.


Hello, my name is Francis Perron, I’m 30, I’m a graphic designer, front-end developer, I run 2 business (HiveTek a small web agency and Trinary a small startup incubator) and since last Friday with my current partner we launched a crypto t-shirts shop.

I’m into crypto since 2011. I bought my first bitcoins with a local dude, fiat money transaction. Then I started mining with CPU, GPU and finally with ASIC. I gain some money and also lost some with the crash of 2014-2015, I lost money with Butterfly Labs not delivering our order and finally I lost hope in cryptocurrencies.

But since 2017 things are just going up like a hockey stick and I love this feeling (To the moon!! :p). So I restart mining bitcoin, will soon mine DASH with ASIC. The t-shirts shop was an idea have for a long time. I wish my t-shirts will bring conversations and bring more peoples to the awesome crypto world.



Hello all! My name is Kevin. Thrilled to have participated in the Tezos ICO and excited to see how this project unfolds! I am new to crypto, having participated only as an investor and speculator. The more I learn, the more I believe. My particular area of interest, right now, is deep cold storage as a service based model. I want to help people secure their own funds and wealth, take responsibility for their own present and future!

Thank you all for being here! I am pleased to be on this ride with you all!


Hi All,

I am starting off on crypto worls and learning more and more and there is always something new, I have read about Tezos and yes got in @ ICO time, waiti for this to gear up really well.

Reading many posts here always I am updating myself and it is nice to be around in this world.

I am computer science graduate

thats me in short…


Hi Everyone!

I’m really excited about Tezos, and the community building up around here.
Primarily interested in learning to develop Smart Contracts, I’ve read a lot about them, very cool. I look forward to seeing what the release will bring!

See you all around!


Hi guys and gals,

I’m a crypto enthusiast from Germany, in Crypto since late 2015, and a participant in the Tezos fundraiser.

I’m very much looking forward to Tezos, so I joined this forum to see what’s going on in the community.


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Arthur and Kathleen for what you have dreamed of and crafted into reality, I feel your project will leave a lasting impact on humanity. I am humbled in this community because I am surrounded by the smartest, most genius people on the planet!

Thank you Jonas for bringing the community to life and the work you do on video.

Hello to everyone around the world, I see Kathleen and Arthur’s goal of widespread nodes succeeded! I live in the United States. Born in Florida.

The Tezos Core Developers and all of you behind the scenes, thank you. I feel you have provided the world the opportunity of a lifetime.


Hi everyone,

I’m a crypto Italian :slight_smile: .

I started to be in the cryptoworld in the 2016, just for trading money and take some cash.

Now I understood the philosophy under the cryptoworld, and It’s not just trading.

Hope that Tezos will bring the changes to create something bigger.

Thanks to the founders that are really inside the community.

Kind regards to everyone.


Hi, my name is Dylan, a 20 year old college student following cryptocurrency for about a year and a half. I’m really excited for Tezos and joining a community so dedicated to an investment. I am located in Santa Barbara CA and would love to try and meet some people at meet ups VIA southern California. I own my own social media marketing company with a friend, and want to begin investing my funds to a new wave.


You should take a look at, they are hopefully launching a phone, Librem 5 – A Security and Privacy Focused Phone, if they hit their funding goal.

Designing for that phone would differentiate you, I for one would buy it.

For more Philosophy you really should pickup The Book of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto
by @PhilChampagne

I’m not sure if it available in Italian, I do wish it was available in all languages.


@Chainomatic thank you for the info on Purism.


Hello–I am a full time instructor and I volunteer to teach guys (on my off time) how to use cryptocurrency. On the side I raise bees and sell honey. I am pretty interested in this project and contributed last summer.