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So interested in the Tezos Project! am new to the cryptocurrency world. following project Tezos for a while. Excited for the future of Tezos and want to know more about the technology.


Hello everyone, I am from Lagos Nigeria, it is a pleasure to support tezos in their recently concluded crowdfund.


Hi, I am Kevin from London, United Kingdom and work in Cyber Security. I am interested in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts and be willing to help or get involved with any security related issues or ideas with regard to Tezos.


Hey, I’m Jimbo and I’m a chemist. Last year I taught myself python and this year I’ve made my way through haskell ( I’m really interested in functional programming and I intend to check out OCaml in hopes of working on software on top of the Tezos platform!


Hi all, I’m exited to see what the future hold for the Tezos project, looks very promising. I’ve been an investor in crypto currency since 2013. I’m happy to have found another project I really believe in. Looking forward to seeing the Tezos project grow. Nice to see a strong community here as well.


i am Mr. stash all the way from Nigeria,
good to be here… looking to have an awesome time.


imageHi, Arthur, I joined the MeetUp yesterday but a presentation to the community is in order here too. I’m a former U.N. econometrician and former literature professor (Stanford brought me to Palo Alto). I was a blockchainer from the early days (based on a lucky hunch), but became a true blockchainer after quitting my job as a lit. professor and going back to school (coding, big data, and now financial math at the U of York). My ambition is to coalesce big data, machine learning, and financial math in the blockchain. Recently I realized how lively is the Tezos community (the Riot chatrooms, especially), livelier than most. This brought me here. If not learning it per se, at least toying a bit with the Michelson language is tempting: so new and so fresh.


Hi everyone. Im currently a MSCS student at GA Tech part time and a network engineer fulltime. Ive been watching cryptocurrencies since 2013. Looking forward to big things from this project. Im particularly impressed with the novel solution of nondilutionary inflation as a mechanism to encourage lots of PoS staking. And also I will be operating a delegation pool, for more info see the Whitepaper


Scott from Toronto, ON Canada. Im excited about this project! While I have interest in Agrello (Deltas), Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin, in my heart this is where I would put my parents money. I love that this will address all current issues with the larger coins and stay forever relevant.

Good Luck!


Trying to motivate myself into learning Michelson so I want to share the first and only time I compiled something I created from scratch.

Sometime before 1990 I wrote a weekly settlement application for route sales and vehicle expenses using “Layout Flowchart vs 2.0” by Matrix Software Technology Corporation, Designed and Written by Olivia S. Wong and Matrix Software. I believe I used a ‘Layout for Windows 3.0’ version but I can’t locate anything on the internet about it. Wish I could locate that old executable and the huge DLL that came with it.

I created an application that printed out these nice reports and the only person I could impress besides myself was my accountant. Shortly after, a company from Australia took the code over to a new language called Java which I never bothered to learn. The new developers claimed they were driven off MicroSoft platform by not being provided hooks to the Windows Platform and I never got interested in actually learning a new language after that.

Ocaml and Tezos appear to have a nice working relationship with aligned goals which is comforting. Now though, I have a lot of time and am hoping that some clever person comes up with an IDE where I can capture that old feeling again.

Old screenshot of DOS IDE.

It was easy as dragging and dropping ‘black-boxes’ onto the flowchart and the IDE was smart enough to know if I could drop the box on the chart or not, (if i recall). Double click on black-box and set parameters. Try to type in the wrong parameter and it won’t let you step out of the black box. When done, it would always compile and work you just had to check and make sure your logic was correct.

Had blockchain existed I’m pretty sure I’d have a better record of history and might have kept better track all sorts of things, like hardware setups, old system configuration files, updates, etc. all archived on my own personal blockchain transaction record.

You kids have it so easy these days :wink:

Edit: looking around at what people are using I find the likes of Salesforce and Kintone application development software pretty is something I’d like to see for Tezos.


Hi, Tezos team. I come from China, me and my club members are very interested in Tezos and we’ve donated more than 300 Ethers to your program. Here, we want to contact with you more to see if we can do any help in the future, to translate your frontpage for instance, or putting ads in the Chinese market as well. I’ve written 2 articles myself introducing Tezos to my club already, and I’d love to know who can I contact with in Tezos team please~:slight_smile:

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Whats happening, your delegate service, i mean @your site is not being
added with features. We’d loved to join, so why the delays?


Thanks, great to hear of your interest - but there’s not much features to add for website purposes. The website doesn’t do any work, my accounting system will do that. Of course that will be intellectual property not visible to anyone. BUT as this is blockchain we are dealing with, it will be extremely easy to add full transparency for all users to see.

Look to me having a system online in the alphanet soon; that way everyone can see how the delegation service will work.

Thanks to my existing NXT/Ardor forging pools, I already have the completed web frontend AND java core of the accounting done. Really all that I will need to do is port over the RPC/API from Ardor/NXT to work on Tezos, and that is underway now. Right now the NXT pool website and accounting system is still running as that is a production system. So go check that out, links above. Right now my Ardor testnet delegation system (Ardor is currently testnet only, like Tezos) is down as tonight I will use that server to participate in the Ignis ICO in a few hours. Then tomorrow I will turn the Ardor delegation/leasing system back up.

Its going to be great! My NXT pool is the largest one NXT has, and my users have been very happy over the years. I plan to bring the same service to Tezos.


Hello, my name is Jan. In crypto my main role is the development of the Bismuth blockchain platform and it’s associated apps and interpretation engines. I invested all my leftover crypto into Tezos, looking forward to write some DAPPS here and perhaps get also inspired for Bismuth.


Delays are structural, working with dedicated Hardware Security Modules right now.

Please see my latest post in Putting Your Tezzies to Work

Thanks for your support @Mitezos


We need your delegate service, you ought not give it up. Your ideas are quite bright. Thanks


Hi everyone…I work with a big data startup…and fintech/blockchain enthusiast…


Hi Chainomatic

Thanks for your reply though most of your texts sounds too technical, am
actually a newbie to all these terms: delegate, stake, vote, bake etc. From
several on-community explanations I grasped some meanings and I was so
delighted with your openness as to what is right and beneficial to Tezos
members especially the less technically inclined…I mean non-developers. I
was so excited when you opined that delegation should be separated from
voting. It will be great if a delegate does not as well take over the
voting rights of members bonding tezos except from those who delegate such
rights. Your interest is on proper decentralization and that I like.

I must admit that tezos is the first ico i have got myself involved. I’d
request for your private advice on any meaningful future ico that you
personally evaluate as valuable and good for people like us and from my
kind of locality. Thanks


Being a technician @Mitezos is NOT required {;–)
You have understood perfectly what I am proposing.

DPoS is a representative democracy, meaning you nominate delegates who get your votes.

Take Bitshares for example, it was the first DPoS, they limited delegates to 101.
They did this in part to maximize the efficiency of their blockchain, it worked.

The question I pose to you is 101 a distributed system?

One more for you, what quantity would constitute a distributed system?

Do not over complicate this, you know it intuitively, I know you do.