Introduce Yourself!


Hello, I am an author with a special developing interest in crypto located in Toronto canada. I have been posting on Reddit, including a link to this recent steemit article about tezos:


Hello, I am software developer in NYC and really interested in crypto projects. I see tezos project will be my financial freedom plan :slight_smile:


IoT developer by any chance?


You did a good job condensing Tezos in your article.



Hello @zep
A good time to have some time.


@Coolhandcanuck I am mvc developer, not IOT developer. who knows, maybe later?


hello lads and lasses, I bought some of your wee coins. Happy to be aboard. I’m here to gain insight and perhaps add inspiration. What an amazing new world we see in cryptographic ledgers :new_moon_with_face::star:️ The future is wild.


Hey all. Former web dev, current android dev here. Interested in contributing in either of those areas where needed!


Hello community! I’m Leonardo (or just ‘Leo’) from Brazil and almost an economist.

I think Tezos is the crypto that offers the best incentives for a healthy system so I gave almost an All-In :grin:

btw, I’m also an anarcho-capitalist, another one here?


With all the illicit payments going on in Brazil I would think every economist is an anarcho-capitalist today.



The anarcho-capitalist community is growing really fast due to this fact, also the crypto community


Hi, I’m Dave, Tezos investor, with plans to contribute through discussion and OCaml development. Tremendous thanks to Arthur and team!


I’m a chemical engineer and contributor to this promising project. Too bad my specialization is far from the IT world but am certain to inspire this community.


I’m a software application developer. As a side project I’m working on a Tezos blockchain explorer,


Good to be here! I was a part of the Tezos Slack and finally found the community after the August update.


Hey everyone. I seen the link for this community over on reddit, so I figured I would signup and say hello. I got in on the ico action for Tezos and can’t wait to see how things progress over time.


Hi there, my name is Evan and I’ve been interested in cryptocurrency for a few years now. I’ve read the Tezos position paper and technical paper - the governance model and emphasis on formal verification really interest me. I’ve been a software developer for several years, with some experience using lisp (I created for the Arc dialect of lisp) and some experience with concatenative languages. So I’m excited to learn more about Michelson, hopefully contributing there or to other development in the Tezos ecosystem, as well as to broader discussions around governance and whatnot.


Hi, I am a CryptoCurrency enthusiast from Chile (South America) and the curator of Tezos.Rocks

I’ll keep adding useful links that appear in this Community website.

I also offer to moderate a Spanish thread once you think is time to expand Tezos.Community reach.


Welcome Pedro - glad you grabbed Tezos.Rocks! We’d love to spin up a Spanish thread. Feel free to create one!


Hello Arthur and tezos community, I am a newbie in cryptocurrency world from Nigeria, (West Africa), very happy to be on board tezos ico. For me tezos ico is the best opportunity I’ve ever had. Looking forward to what the future holds! Very nice community!


This is why truth is so important, without proper price discovery real opportunity for all is not possible.

Welcome @Mitezos


Well, you may be right though I believe so much that a good product is its own marketer outside of the fact that inefficient handling has its own setbacks.This not withstanding, i trust the foundation to live up to expectation.
Thanks @Chainomatic,