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Tezos network will not be launched until Feb 18 !

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Hi everyone

I’m from France and i’m here to test the tezos alphanetwork. I am very interested in the possibily that offer tezos.

If i have well understand, i have to ask on irc to have access to the tezos alphanet??

Have a nice day

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welcome! and you dont have to ask to get in on the alphanet. just follow these instructions

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Hey there, we are organizing a Tezos meetup in Toronto:


Hi, I’m Leywite!

I represent the Magnum Wallet team. We have created a light universal wallet and added Tezos as an auspicious currency with active communities >:3

Welcome Leywite. We are working on a Magnum Wallet video.

Hi, I am a strong Tezos follower and an investor also.

Hello. I participated in the ICO. Been keeping up, lots of uncertainty over the last year, but seems to have settled down. I am interested in transactional applications and monetizing of smart contracts. A starting point is to develop rules for corporate governance related to management and dividends that can be implemented via token protocols. Make a case that the method results in lower costs and better strategy. Not talking about hard forking of the blockchain, but rather focused use for specific organizational purposes.

Hey there! Nice to see you all!

Hey there! Nice to see you all!

Hi I’m Sam G.

I just relatively recently in the last few months. Chatting, delegating, and discussing the opportunities and challenges we have going forward. The community has been very welcoming and getting to know the developers and TCF members on the Riot chats & Twitter has been a pleasure. I think it’s a big sign for a community when there’s an real bond between the active members during its fragile formative period.

I’m helping organize and support community initiatives as we enter into our first vote. You’re welcome to reach out to discuss an idea or chat.

My Twitter is:
And on Riot I’m u: samg

Hello Tezors, I am still a college student .
i’m a big fan of blockchain technology and i chose Tezos as the first platform to learn blockchain. Cheers
p/s: By the way, does anyone have a full node that people can request from outside with api? i want to build a simple Dapp but i don’t have full node :frowning:

I’m an IT worker, which become few years back interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Hope we can exchange our experiences :wink:

My name’s Jannss, nice to become a part of such community. Hope we’re gonna get along.

Hi Y’all I am CryptoChrisATX Invested in Tezos on July 1st of 2017, went away from the crypto world a quite a bit for personal reasons, but I am back and excited to be part of your community

Hello :wave:
I’m new to the Tezos community. I’m learning as much as possible, and I’m looking forward to writing about it. Hit me up if you have something worth sharing :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

I am very new to the Tezos community, I am looking to see if the project and community is as solid as I hope it to be! With so many big names behind this project, I hope for a wonderful future to it all!

Hello All community I’m new here Glad to be here !

Morning, it’s Tomek. I am a software engineer from Poland but working remotely some of the time too. First of all, thank you for reading my blog. It’s such a pleasure to have you here!

A couple of words about my professional life: I graduated from (but my brain was not broken…) Silesian University of Technology in Poland and Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München - Duales Studium Wirtschaftsmathematik in Germany. At universities I discovered how empowering it can be to build applications and thus built several smaller and bigger applications in different programming languages, domains and platforms from industrial solutions for Volkswagen A.G. to financial solutions for traders in hedge fund.

I am a founder of and small crypto hedge fund.

More about me:

Hmm I was looking for:

“…Tezos truly aims to be the last cryptocurrency.

But I can find now, what I do wrong?