Introduce Yourself!


Hello, use this thread to introduce yourself ! I’m Arthur, and the lead on the Tezos project. I’ve been mostly posting on Reddit but want to start using this site more.


Great to see you here, Arthur! I’ve been reading your posts on Reddit.

I have been interested in cryptocurrencies for over 7 years and have watched their evolution. I’m really excited about Tezos and want to learn more technically, although I think Michelson and OCaml are a bit beyond me. I can’t wait to see what kinds of apps are developed and want to participate however I can.


Congratulations on your ICO! I’m in with a donation = 100K XTZ, and really looking forward to watching as you and the Foundation develop your firm.
I feel like I’ve bought a seat on a tour bus on the Moon (or Mars?), with a firsthand view of an exciting mission!

One of the impressive things about your ICO info was your transparancy and sincerety. I felt more certain of your intentions than with many other ICOs. I can handle the bold optimism and unknown future. From your results, obviously many others could too, and as the Staking Process develops, the initial doubters will be left in the dust as those with a voice will be those with a Stake.

Please forgive a suggestion from me at this point:

With the heady ICO results, I believe the Tezos Team will be judged first on it’s continued Transparancy and Communications, rather than tech acheivements which everyone knows will take some time. So to keep Stakeholders positive instead of becoming nervous timedrainers, consider the benefit of either a PR professional to weigh, time, and issue Statements by you and the Foundation on Next Steps and Progress… or at least form a focus group of relaxed, independent and thoughtful investors to give their honest reactions to Communications before they are issued.

I’m not qualified in either case, but do believe your business sucess in this first, formative phase will be more about people, trust, and hope than the developing tech. For example, consider the current problems IOTA is experiencing with their investors (I’m one, so I can talk). It has nothing to do with Tangle, it has everything to do with a problematic ‘late to the race’ Wallet and the doubts raised by the very long validation process in processing on nodes. I’ve had no problms, but many others have, and management seems to be struggling with the people issues.

Ok, enough words. I wish you and yours well as you move forward!


Congratulations on the successful fundraising. I’m involved in few startups and I’m also part of a business development consultancy group focused in the Middle East and Africa region. I’m excited to explore how Tezos platform can accelerate and re-think our various initiatives in “trust economy” arena.

I plan to actively contribute to the community discussions and looking forward to the next milestone.



It appears to be a unique discussion forum software that is used here, and I personally think that’s great! But I noticed that it’s not secure. My browser keeps on nagging me that the connection is not secure. This happens when you create a new account and enter your password and so on. I certainly hope more focus is put on security here.


Hi all, I’m a software engineer, but I’ve only recently started learning about the technical details of blockchain tech. I love it! It’s an awesome mix of computer science, political philosophy, and social choice economics, and the best part is that it’s still the early stages. I look forward to writing smart contracts on Tezos and seeing what the future holds!


Hello, computer scientist here. I have several questions about the best way to get involve and I’m super excited about the project. I know the success of this platform will depend almost entirely on adoption and folks building apps. I think the best way to start would be to inform us of the best way to get involved. Bounties would be a good idea as well, translations, apps etc…


Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself, I am Farmer John. I’m currently learning OCaml programming and am grateful that I found this language via the amazing Tezos project. Everyone spread the word please, let’s build a nice community here!


I’m a Co-Founder of and donated all of my bitcoin. Really excited by XTZ and hoping to work with fredcy on his elm based block explorer. I’ve been following tezos closely since strangeloop 2016 and got a few other folks to get in on the ico. looking forward to the launch!


Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into a certificate.


The looks awesome. Do you see creating a OCaml or Michelson training channel?


I’d love to. extra special if I could figure out how to do it in conjunction with the foundation. the more people know how to write contacts, the quicker the network grows and the better it becomes!


Michael from Oz.
I live in a 25 square meter cabin in the forest, in silence; a digital hippy surrounded by wildlife.
I am retired after 40 years working in training and organisation development for private and government organisations.
I wrote my first web-site in 1996 using PageMill. My surreal landscapes have been shown in galleries all over New South Wales. I am into typography and have typeset several art books for a boutique publisher. I have created a new musical notation system for stringed instruments, children can follow it. I know how to party. It’s Byron Bay.

I simplify.
Beware the threat of effort



Let me introduce myself with a bit of truth, I do not like Tezos’


One example: Tezos’ Position Paper

“…Tezos truly aims to be the last cryptocurrency.

No matter what innovations other protocols produce, it will be possible for Tezos stakeholders to adopt these innovations. Furthermore, the ability to solve collective action problems and easily implement protocols in OCaml will make Tezos one of the most reactive cryptocurrency.”

You see, OCaml and the game Nomic helped me to think, long before I heard of Tezos, which lessened the division between my thoughts, forcing the actual. Once I read the position paper I realized that change was afoot. I damned Tezos’ because the MadMax world could possibly be even more avoided now.

So what should a boy and his dog do in a post Tezos’ world?

The answer, live differently.

A bit of truth, I like Tezos’


Well hello to all tezos people, i m keep conected around. have nice Tezos adventure!


Hello Tezos community, recently retired and I’ve been following the blockchain for a few years now.


Graphic designer, new to crypto. Trying to learn, and with big hopes for my tezzies.

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What’s up everyone…been into cryptos since about 2013…in the real estate finance industry day to day.

Hoping Tezos takes off…congrats on the crazy numbers brought in on the ICO


I’m in Vietnam and run bussiness with coins expert.
My wedsite is: (VNCEX - Vietnam Coins Expert).
i hope i could update your sevice soon, i made Tezos Platform Already…

Nice to meet you all