Initiate Fresh ICO in Support of AB and Team...How Possible? Can Tezos Community Make It Possible?


Please do not crucify me! I know that many are hurt with some of the latest development around tezos ICO proceeds held by the foundation and their hassles with AB.

In what seems to be a perpetual muteness by the foundation and a seemingly targeted acts of frustration towards the project development plus speculations from some quarters (not quite sure) of Gevers thinking of out-sourcing from an IT firm to start a fork of tezos.

Wouldn’t it be wise for the community to rally round AB and team, empower them to surge forward with greater confidence to launch and promote the Tezos blockchain? Former fund may be tied for long to harm AB and consequently the project (not praying or wishing for this).

I am asking for how possible, (whether it is permitted by law) for members of community (who are willing) to mobilize and raise fresh funds for the project and offset bills? Tezos is the first ICO i got involved with, (though i have others) i dont want it to die, its very painful hearing what ether people are vomiting against this great project.

Your thoughts and i mean no harm


You actually think Arthur deserves another chance with fresh funds and that people would give more to him?
You have freakin got to be kidding me.


Its your thought, welcomed - thanks


I know of no one contacted in the dev community, this is nothing but a rumor of a fork @Mitezos Many crypto projects are fearful of Tezos with the assurance of sensitive information it brings to market, so much intense dislike from developers working with other cryptos.


I would vote against another ICO. I have already invested enough and considering it was not an insignificant amount of money I do not wish to be further diluted.

The hundreds of millions are there, a resolution does need to happen. The foundation can’t be allowed to steal all of the funds like this. I believe Gevers is fully abusing his position.


On this note, this is to be expected. People in crypto are generally willing to rip apart any competitor as they have a lot of money on the line.

The fact that other people are ripping into Tezos all of the time means that Tezos is onto something. (In a good way)

The more we are attacked, the better path we are on. I remember the early days of Ethereum people attacked Ethereum all the time as they saw it as a threat.

Of course they didn’t have a selfish egotistical Gevers trying to steal the project, but hopefully we can boot this dead weight out soon.


“speculations from some quarters (not quite sure) of Gevers thinking of out-sourcing from an IT firm to start a fork of tezos”

Where did you read this?


You need proof? Hope you get the word “Speculations”, and besides check u/Mubard Riot’s slight reference to this in 3days/Today’s comments. Today Mubard specifically cleared the air that Gevers has no right to create a version of tezos to escape liability. This sort of settles the doubts hanging on the “speculations”. Please read up 3days discussions in Riot. Cant quote those specific links and also check reddit especially today for threads relating to this “speculations”.