Important Message to the Tezos Foundation


As a concerned group of Tezos community stakeholders we have drafted the following document for the Tezos Foundation. This is a multi-phased approach with further actions to be announced soon. Please join us in doing all of the following immediately to help Tezos move forward:

  1. Send an email to each foundation board member individually using the following basic template:
  2. Sign this petition that has been created by the community:
  3. Share this message on social media, reddit, riot, other community channels and anywhere else you can find Tezos contributors and community members.

Ill do it. Just wondering why the normal, regular processes don’t work. Either the Swiss regulatory framework for foundations does not work efficiently or then the legal advisor (MME) made mistakes in setting this up.


Thank you for posting Jonas. So amazing to see the Tezos community unite like this. Already over 200 signatures with people like Olaf Carlson-Wee, Zooko, and Eli Ben-Sasson joining us. What an amazing community we have! Everybody please do the above and spread the word. Important that we spread this far and wide and build on this incredible momentum. There are additional steps that will come soon.


Can Jonas Lamis contact - Swiss journo who writes a fair bit about Tezos.


Signed and sent.
Thanks Jonas for this initiative

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I’m just the messenger. This is a grassroots effort from many independent voices in the community. Pretty exciting.


Very exciting @Jonas

Tezos & The Law of Large Numbers or How Much can I Make?

According to a new article published today (German), Johann Gevers might win the battle and possibly take over the lead of Tezos (well in fact he always did as he controls the money). As usual this is speculation but FYI.

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My name is there too. Hope it’ll help :slight_smile:
Just to add - I spot a lot of some kind of bad emotions about Tezos. Is it something usual?
Because sometimes are used quite ugly words.


Thanks @bkonjevi! Regarding harsh words and trolling. 1) It seems to be a feature / bug of crypto in general. 2) . There is a lot at stake here. For Tezos, for the Foundation, for the “competitors” and for crypto in general. Stay strong and positive!


You don’t need to worry about me at all… the fact is that I wouldn’t make fun of of someone’s bad luck (apparent). Beside - it seems to me that even some members of our community share these emotions. Because we haven’t received Tezzies yet. I, myself, I’m not delighted with that, too - but one has to be realist - writing such software which has be foolproof from the very first moment… ain’t easy at all. Especially taken in account pile of money and human greed, which resulted in those legal complications. I believe we did the right thing today (yesterday) and hope that this would be a kick in a right spot :slight_smile:


I doubt Gevers gives a shit tbh. If he doesn’t care about the promotion of tezos why would he care about the donators?


3 x signed sealed delivered


Indeed. I’m not savvy about the rule of law (swiss) but I think in case Gevers will be removed (he really should be) we have an excellent nomenee for the new head of the board @Jonas

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Didn’t you hear the news of Diego and Guido taking Gevers side? He’s not getting removed.

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