ICO KYC and Mainnet


When is the official deadline for the ICO KYC application and verification ?
What changes mainnet causes to KYC/aplication ?


Sad that a person cannot get an official response in < 6 days!
I am unofficial…
I do not believe I have seen a drop-dead date.
However, I believe it is in your best interest to complete the KYC/AML process.
It must be completed before you can get an activation code.
The activation code registers your Tez on the blockchain.
It can take 2 minutes to 2 days to receive after KYC/AML.
“You will receive an email notification when the activation code(s) are available on the website.
The activation code will be required in order to access your allocation of the public key hash,
or hashes, in the Foundation’s genesis block”.
Then the next step will be to migrate your Tez to your wallet.
The only available wallet requires line code.
Several entities (Cryptonomics and Obsidian) are working on a GUI but nothing yet.
Are you feeling my frustration?
(infuriating to be told at a meetup that the Devs are working on Tezos v2.0,
but no GUI for their ICO ‘investors’.
Its shameful.