I was trying to end my delegation, and my tokens are gone? Help!

Can someone please help.
I was trying to retrieve my tokens as YieldWallet has not given me any rewards since June. Somehow two separate delegation deductions have come out of my account for around the same value, 767 XTZ. I do not know how this happened. Can someone advise me on how to get these back? Block 311, done today, 26/12/20.

Hello, which tezos wallet are you delegating from ?


Thanks for the reply, I am yet to resolve the issue.

Wallet tz1RtD9rcQTiGkXhwo7c6VKB1vxUPTgFz2Wo

Look forward to your response

Apologies about that. Which wallet are you delegating from ?

Also do you have telegram messenger so we may direct you to our chat over there.

Yes, I am here. Whats up?

@Feanor Hello, Have you been able to resolve issue ?