I had lunch with Diego from Tezos Foundation


I had lunch with Diego and I believe he has a plan to get the Foundation back on track. The Swiss authorities have exerted control and appointed new foundation lawyers. Diego and the lawyers are recruiting a trustworthy new board member and Diego plans to expand the board in the near term to include investor and community leaders. I sense the ice is starting to crack and we will have a functioning Foundation in the next few months.


I must have to say a very big THANK you sir. Jonas for all your efforts. You have proved to be reliable and efficient in this project, hope to see someone like you among the board of tezos foundation.
Without much searching am hoping to see Olaf being the replacement for Guido; hope that is being highly considered by Diego and Swiss authorities? The community in general will be blessed with Olaf being the choice. Thanks


same here, big THANKS!


@Jonas Thanks Jonas!!!


YEAH! Good! Let’s keep fingers crossed. Long live Tezos. By the way: The intro Tezos-ETH is done!


I just read this google drive doc listed there.

Wow, this guy is horrible and definitely needs to go.
If nothing happens within a certain time, we should raise funding to sue the bastard. Gevers is the one who should be sued. Of course, if he finally accepts to get out, then the lawsuit can be dropped.
I would be willing to contribute for this funding.
Just a thought.


I agree. Gevers must go. I would be willing to contribute as well.


“Mr. Gevers’s history shows a pattern of very disturbing behavior, and of repeated failure through poor judgment, lack of competent management and labyrinthine efforts that seem to lead to either bizarre and questionable activities, or dead ends.” The document attached describes two specific cases: Bitcoin Suisse Association and Crypto Valley Association where Gevers apparently had (claimed to have) a leading role. The latter role is clearly mentioned in the Tezos ICO paper. Gevers can’t be found on the according websites which is interpreted as another sign of his “evil mind”.

-Given Gevers important role, shouldn’t such an in-debth Due Dilligence have happened PRIOR to his appointment?

-You know, even I can look up a website and see that this guy is not mentioned there. If so, why do I give him such an important role then?

Yeah, sue this guy, I am looking forward to it and even more to finally learn the truth.


Out of pure ignorance, I have a question about Gevers.
If he had such a bad track record, why was he appointed in the first place?


He had not. Otherwise everyone responsible for his appointment (and btw also the legal set-up) would confess to be totally nuts. The Tezos guys are brilliant minds. It’s a simple power struggle and a witch-hunt.


Not witch-hunt, disclosure. Someone did a lot of research. Great job. Thank you.

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Disclosure would shine light on both sides…


Thanks for the update Jonas! That’s reassuring.

How did Gevers get into this position in the first place?


Bad, immature judgement. It can happen, in situations like Tezos. Bottom line, Tezos community has learned Johann Gevers can go and Tezos will flourish.


A guy fills pages of constant past failure and claims to hold positions you can easily doublecheck with a few clicks and you seriously call that “bad, immature judgement”? Assuming this is all true, the guys who are responsible for his appointment maybe also deserve some blame, what do you think? This is a major fuck up, sorry man… people want answers (and not just hear “Gevers, go to hell”). Everyone makes mistakes, no problem, but confess it and don’t look for an easy scapegoat, and then go on… long live Tezos.

PS: according to Gevers on today’s panel it was Arthur who approached him.


Can you link to any information from the conference about Tezos, Breitman’s and Gevers?

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Thank you for the link


@Pyromania_blue If it was so easy to double check with a few clicks why are you even here? I assume you would not have contributed to Tezos if you had done the same? I sure the hell would not have contributed if I knew what I know now about Gevers.

This is the “Bad, immature judgement” I was referring to.

In my opinion you are naive to think most people will confess to anything. Scapegoats are typically used in major fuck ups like the one Tezos is in now. Don’t kid yourself, this situation requires a scapegoat and seems illogical to make Arthur the scapegoat.

Yes! “Long Live Tezos”


you don’t read my posts man, I believe that Gevers’ reputation was (actually still is) ok and that’s why he was chosen for this role. I believe that this is a simple dispute and a power struggle with the according mud-slinging. I believe that this legal case (and not Gevers) is responsible for this inertia (well, in fiat terms it was actually quite profitable not to diversify further) and I believe that all parties involved made mistakes and should make peace and go on and work together and make Tezos f. awesome.

We both want the same dude, it’s just the approach to get there that differentiates. Tezos is a unique, fantastic idea and I believe in it and want it to succeed (yes, I want to get rich too, right). So do you.

When it comes to naiveté, well, I give you that one. Maybe I am indeed naive in believing that those guys can patch things up… long live Tezos