How can I join alphanet?


ref :

  1. BUILD myself
    I compiled source code and run but no connection.

./tezos-node identity generate 24.
./tezos-node run --rpc-addr localhost

and below command gives an syntax error

test@test-VirtualBox:~/tezos$ ./tezos-client launch daemon
Unrecognized command.
Try using the man command to get more information.

tezos-client [global options] command [command options]
tezos-client --help (for global options)
tezos-client [global options] command --help (for command options)

To browse the documentation:
tezos-client [global options] man (for a list of commands)
tezos-client [global options] man -v 3 (for the full manual)

Global options (must come before the command):
-d --base-dir : client data directory
-c --config-file : configuration file
-t --timings: show RPC request times
-b --block <hash|tag>: block on which to apply contextual commands
-p --protocol : use commands of a specific protocol
-l --log-requests: log all requests to the node
-A --addr <IP addr|host>: IP address of the node
-P --port : RPC port of the node
-S --tls: use TLS to connect to node.

  1. I installed docker and run

./ start
and run below command from different terminal
./ client get balance for my_account
it gives… Unrecognized commnad. Try using the ‘man’ commad blabla…

I studied “” many times but I can not find the answer


You need to start the node first. In a different text shell type:
./tezos-node run


Oh… I already did it…


sorry I didn’t see that.
I assume you don’t have any stored data of the blockchain yet.
ok then, run the node and wait until it starts syncing, then launch the client daemon.
it is probably a good idea to download previous blockchain data from here:


I could join the alphanet with


ops, I have to apologize again, slowly I am getting into your problem,
yes if you compiled tezos from the master branch it won’t run the alphanet.
To get into the alphanet branch, I assume you got the source code using:
git clone
then the next step is to type:
git checkout alphanet
after that I am afraid you’ll have to recompile the all thing.


Thx for the tip. Do you know how to send my test xtz from linux terminal to tzbox app(TZ1htKmpNvfWm4N9tFydfXSDUYrmYUhpUiTC)?


nope, never used it (yet). I am sure some people on Reddit may be able to help you out (e.g. Rebbu-MC)